Picture 9

Danny Echo

I can’t say more than this, Lauren really says it all: Danny Echo sounds experienced, appealing, and yet creative and fresh. I am not fibbing when I tell you that this band does not sound new or developing. Danny Echo is a rising star, and Canada will be very proud when they hit the big time.
- Lauren Eldridge (A ‘n E Vibe Magazine)

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Picture 24

Bobby Richards

Reminiscent of Harry Chapin, with a bit of John Prine and Corb Lund thrown in for good measure, whether you’re dancing with your best friend in the livingroom or at Sunday dinner, Bobby Richards puts the E back in entertainment. Dawson Creek native, Rave On original and author of the infamous Richards & Fitch tune: “Who Stole My Gloves”, Bobby has ventured out into an open field to start on his journey as a solo artist.

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Picture 6

Fleur Jack

Award winning artist Fleur Jack is a songwriter/musician based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Fleur is the lead singer and bass player for the post-punk band The Twitch. From their modest beginnings in 2003, dirty post punk rock and rollers have etched themselves indelibly on the New Zealand music scene, winning NZ Battle of the Bands in 2005. They went onto Hong Kong to perform in the world final coming second place.
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Picture 5

Katie Rox

After international success and two albums as the lead singer of Jakalope, Katie Rox decided it was time to go back to her country roots. Her writing has taken a softer more personal sound with and this is where her music is truly finding its clearest voice.

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Stef Launay

Writer, performer, retired hockey player and music/audio student, Stef Launay is the true next generation of musician. Reminiscent of Beth Orton and down Rue de Pomplamoose, with lots of hooky hooks – you’ll just want more and more and more. Rave On says – You want it? You got it!
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Picture 14

Gina Williams

After winning numerous awards as a concert pianist, the former child prodigy (now with an MA in Music from the University of Alberta) is also making her name as a composer, and solo artist. Having also penned the anthem “Glory” (for Grenada’s 25th Anniversary of Independence), as well as orchestral music, a string quintet, and works for solo piano, Gina has most recently written her own show ‘Incognito’, is working on her second album and is set to release a number of music videos in the fall of 2010.

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Skully Image 1


Skulastic is an up and coming female MC that combines diverse hip-hop, jazzy, and funky beats with real raw and captivating lyricism. Born in Vancouver, now living in Nanaimo B.C, she draws influence from everything around her. Lyrically, Skulastic offers tracks with not only an underground/ harder edge, but also songs that are thoughtful and uplifting.

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Sheldon Witt

Sheldon Witt

Sheldon Witt has a rare charm that immediately initiates an intimate connection with any audience. His story telling nature is reminiscent of a young John Prine; and that mixed with his modern sound a’la The Swell Season equals one thing = a quickly rising star.

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Ranj Singh and the Discriminators

In the mid 80′s, Ranj started his career performing with many folk-Punjabi and Hindi artists in the Vancouver area. In the 90′s he helped form — along with his talented brothers — the group “Dal Dil Vog” (a.k.a. DDV). This group went on to win numerous awards and performed with artists such as Jan Arden, 54-40, Mathew Good, and also performed live on Much Music. DDV’s style of bhangara/rock music led to tours throughout North America, and India. Self taught guitarist/singer/songwriter Ranj Singh has developed a new genre of music labelled “Indo-Folk”. Raised in western Canada, Ranj has added a small taste of his roots from India to his western upbringing and created a fresh new sound.

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Picture 5

Jody Quine

Quine is the voice of Sleepthief, Balligomingo and her own solo work. She is the voice you hear in your dreams.
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Picture 14

Alex Highton

I live in a small village called Woodditton where I write songs and sometimes I even sing them. I don’t know what else to say. People have said nice things about the music.

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Picture 12


With a combo of turbo spy guitar riffs, go-go drums and tales of vice and re-run demolition romance, B-Monster are #GiantRocknRoll!

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Picture 12

Laurie Biagini

Laurie  Biagini is a songwriter/singer from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, whose music would appeal to fans of 1960’s California sunshine pop. Her sound and compositions have been compared to The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, and Jackie DeShannon

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Balligomingo is the electronic/vocal musical project of producer/programmer, Garrett Schwarz and producer/guitarist, Vic Levak.
Balligomingo combine pulsating rhythms, sonic string textures, synth vibes, and some of the best female vocalists on the North American continent to create a mysterious and haunting listening experience.

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Gillian Hobbs 2010-03-30 456_2

Gillian Hobbs

Gillian Hobbs is one of the most promising up-and-coming folk artists in Canada today!
Gillian is a gifted folk-pop singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. Influenced by Canadian legends like Leonard Cohen, Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, Jann Arden, Gordon Lightfoot, and Alan Doyle, Gillian’s music is honest, heartfelt and inspiring. What truly sets Gillian’s music apart are her lyrics. She carefully crafts her melodies and accompaniment to support the strong messages in her lyrics. Her music touches and inspires those who hear it.

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Picture 4

Michelle Richard

Bilingual singer/songwriter Michelle Richard is strongly influenced by her Eastern roots, originating in French-speaking Acadian New Brunswick and in Bermuda. She came to B.C. as a child and now resides in Vancouver.

Having lived coast to coast, and traveled and toured throughout Canada many times, Michelle channels this experience in her songwriting in French and English. Jazz, blues, bossa nova, musical theatre, traditional French songs all meld into her music. Reflected in her sound are the strong influences of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Madeleine Peyroux, and Edith Piaf.

Hers is a musical journey where jazz harmonies and rhythms color traditional folk melodies, and themes combine the old and new on stories of love, longing, art, daily life, the natural world. Having released a well-received, self-titled album in July 2008, Michelle is now recording her second album.

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Picture 3

Olga Osipova

After the launch of her all-original debut CD “Velvet & Lace” things started happening fast for Olga Osipova. Only a couple months after the Canadian release, the CD already topped the smooth jazz charts in her native Russia, was added to rotation on many radio stations in Canada and across the world (USA, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Poland etc.) Olga’s music is receiving rave reviews from the press including the prestigious JazzTimes Magazine; she won the Jazz Artist of the Year at the BC Interior Music Awards in 2008, and most recently, Olga was announced Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. ??Olga’s voice and musical style is being compared to the late, smoky Marlene Dietrich.
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Picture 14

Richards and Fitch

Bobby Richards has worked as a postman, a brewer, a dishwasher, a carwash attendant, a plumbers helper, a convenient store clerk, a swamper, a tilesetter, a landscaper, a sawyer in a mill, and a few others, but through all of these jobs he’s always been a songwriter. ??Reno Fitch is a mandolin player known by many for his carefree attitude and huge beard. ????Loretta Lynn once said “To be a success you need to be the first, the best or different.” Richards and Fitch are not the first, probably not the greatest but you got to give them being different. Taking their inspiration from varied sources as The Muppets, John Prine, Frank Black, Jimmie Rodgers, Kiss, They Might Be Giants, Steve Earle, Hoyt Axton, Phil Collins, and Spinal Tap just to name a few.

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Picture 1

Richard King

Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Richard grew up with his mom, grandmother, older sister and younger brother at a momentous period in U.S. history, just prior to school integration. Happily, this relatively peaceful town saw music as a common way of bringing cultures together, to join in mutual expression and understanding. Like many others, Richard’s musical education began in the choir in Mount Cavalry Church. Stories of Richard’s journeys can be heard not only in his lyrics, but felt in his music. From his influences of Jimi Hendrix, The Chamber Brothers, Richie Havens, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Elvis Costello, Leon Russel, the harmonies of Pentangle as well as his home town gospel and blues, Richard King’s music truly transcends boundaries.
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Hilary Grist - Truck - Low Res

Hilary Grist

A little bit folk, a little bit country, and a little bit of that special something. Hilary Grist has a gift for melody and understated lyrics. Heart-felt and laid back, her music embodies the sweetness of Sarah Harmer and the vulnerability of Ron Sexsmith. Sparse episodes of lust, regret, bravery, love and doubt – this girl wears it all on her sleeve with unselfconscious warmth.
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Picture 20

Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson is so many things I don’t even know where to begin. Big heart, big spirit, big talent and move over Sting, probably the coolest teacher ever.
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Picture 14

Blind God

Blind God is a bluesy, duo act whos sound has been compared to Ben Harper meets Massive Attack. Sweet guitar riffs and clever lyrics command attention and make you feel as though you are starring in a Quentin Tarantino movie! Blind God has been consistantly filling rooms around the lower mainland and left them wanting more most recently at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival.

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Picture 9

Kent McAlister & The Iron Horse Choir

Spanish-flavoured tales of nautical slavery, witty beer-soaked laments,
and the temptation of murderous revenge all mark How I’ll Remain, the
third release by Kent McAlister & The Iron Choir. Songwriter and front
man Kent McAlister captures the grit and honesty of traditional country
music, all the while intertwining his music with a progressive mix of rock
and jazz.  More Info…

Picture 1

Tony Marriott

Vancouver songwriter Tony Marriott’s journey has run parallel to the Pacific between the creative centres of San Francisco and Vancouver. He spent much of the ’90s in music school, playing in several R&B acts across the continent, honing his songwriting skills and for a time, living and playing with the late Jeff Buckley. His third album, following 1999’s Looking for Dorian and The Bad Machine from 2002, is called Solitude. Marriott’s multilayered pop sounds along the lines of a down tempo Stills, a harmoniously textured soundscape that fills the space in between the ears…..
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Picture 10


BCB were conceived by vocalist/ guitarist Aaron Grant and producer/guitarist Jerry Wong after realizing that a lot of today’s music had become predictable, pretentious and other words that begin with “pre.” Their quirky chord progressions and only mildly offensive lyrics will put even the stiffest square into an uncontrollable dancing frenzy. Showcasing their unorthodox stage maneuvers and humorous in-between-songs banter, their live show is not to be missed…

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Picture 11

Scott Jackson

Singer-songwriter Scott Jackson is truly one of Canada’s national treasures. “if you put Tom petty and U2 in a studio together, the Scott Jackson sound is what you might end up with!.” At the age of 21, Jackson picked up an acoustic guitar and began writing songs. Shortly thereafter, he launched himself onto the Vancouver music scene with the release of his first solo CD, “Via Satellite.” As a founding member of the band MK Ultra, Jackson went on to record the album “Apple,” which spent five weeks at the top of the HMV Independent charts. The disc landed the band two Music West headline shows, and an opening slot for Nickelback.

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Ryan Fletcher

Since moving to Vancouver from Prince Edward Island four years ago Ryan Fletcher has been active as a poet in the Vancouver scene. Using a distinctly quiet and direct approach Ryan creates an intimate atmosphere when reading, then with skilful timing draws audiences into the many different worlds of his writings. With poetic voices ranging anywhere from the soft and deeply romanticized, ‘Healthy Hearts’, ‘Beach’, and ‘Cranberry Juice’ to impassioned calls to activist action in, ‘Just TV’, ‘Broken Hearts Die Slowly’, and ‘Ode to the Weed’ to the more dangerously outrageous voices present in pieces like his popular, ‘Damn Romance!’, attending one of Fletcher’s readings is an emotional experience. As he said in an interview, “it is emotion that one ultimately takes away from life situations, and it is my interest to explore that part of living.”

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Camilley visits Vancouver, Jan 2010 (23)

Michelle Dumond (Meshe)

Michelle Dumond is a free-spirited gypsy musician with the soul of a jazz singer and the playfullness of a burlesque performer. She has the musical skills to establish herself with a more artsy crowd and the earthiness and humour to make her more accessible to people like me who just love music. – Jennifer Layton,

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Picture 10>

Ryan Donn

“He looks like Harry Connick Jr. sounds a bit like Blue Rodeo, and talks like Sean Connery on some serious Scotch Malt when you get him going just right”. Lori-Anne Charlton, Event Magazine

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Picture 1

Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett is a veteran singer and multi instrumentalist and the west coast’s own Harmonica guru.
His melodious playing has been featured with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and on over 200 cds and sound tracks for film and television.
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Picture 6


Scatterheart is starting a revolution! Armed to the teeth with LOVE, FEATHERS, and GREAT SONGWRITING they are fighting to make Rock n Roll fun again. “There’s no reason you can’t leave a rock show feeling happy!”, says Scatterheart lead singer Jesse Enright. “I spent my teen years in the rave scene dancing to great DJs and I was amazed by the amount of energy a room full of people can create… Love is powerful. With Scatterheart I wanted to create the same experience and energy, but with a live rock show!”

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Melissa RaeAnne Endean

Melissa Endean: Authentic
Melissa Rae Anne: Home Sweet Home

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