Happy Anniversary to us!

February 17th, 2016

HAPPY 10th (2)

So sorry the new site has been so delayed! We’re still busy working away, drop us a line!

Hurray new site is coming!

February 12th, 2015

This site is so ancient – so this spring we’re finally updating!! Please hang in there while we get switched over to our new home!;-)

Happy New Year!

January 18th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.00.17 PM

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season!

We jump started 2015 with some fantastic new projects! It was only a few weeks ago we had a wide open schedule and now things are pouring in, we love it!

I’ll post more soon, but I wanted to tell you about the first cool thing, the upcoming youth songwriting contest that I am part of.

I know some of you will ask why I’m doing this, when it is no secret that I do not believe in judging people’s art, but I believe the way we are going about this is different than any thing I have ever seen. In this contest our main goals are to give youth a lift up, in the industry, but especially in their self esteem. Although we will have formal ‘winners’ and prizes, I really feel like there will be no losers here, and I hope to make everybody who enters the contest feel like a winner!

If you are or know of a BC young person between the ages of 13-18, have them check it out!

The Star Experience

I love to read and hear what young people have to offer, so this is really exciting!


End of the Year is Here!

December 10th, 2014

illustration for the cover 2- small

Well! I didn’t realize it has been so long since I had updated!

As always we keep our lives pretty full to the brim, so with school and gigs there is not too much time to update. I hope you will follow us on all our social media though, where we are often more active!

I guess the biggest news this fall is the book that just came out! We’re pretty happy about it and it is getting some great reviews! Please check it out, drop me a note for a hard copy or grab an e-version anywhere! We’re working away on the audio edition and oh-my-gosh it’s going to be buckets of fun!! The next book is already in the works and I should have new games up this month as well.

Learning lots at school, and in my spare time will start doing a bit of web work, so if you are looking for a site hit me up!  I just learned mobile too, so can make you matching sites very quickly. I’ll be updating this site too, where just trying to decide what it will look like.

Some quick updates: Alex Highton has just released his latest CD ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ and wow! It’s a Christmas must have for sure. Check out the reviews!!! I love it and it’s on repeat at our place. He’s also currently giving away his first cd – FREE! So if you don’t already own it, grab one of my very favourite all time disks.

We haven’t had a chance to work on a holiday album this year, but sales are still strong for our first 5(!?) Very Vancouver Christmas cds LOADED with amazing music, please check them out here or on iTunes/Amazon, anywhere great music is sold! I also have some disks stored if you would like them for retail or fairs etc. Just drop me a line! Don’t forget 100% of income goes directly to the SPCA!

Also, a quickie update – this year’s youth at the MEMa Tech-Kno Camp have produced an amazing documentary about PTSD in southside Chicago and how it effects their community. The music is fantastic and I hope you will all catch it when it’s out on YouTube very soon (I’ll post when it’s ready). Keep up with the news and check out some photos from this fall’s camp here! 

Lastly, although we miss Buster painfully, our new pup Django is the light of our days. Please if you’re thinking of a pup – ‘Rescue’ is the very best breed, handsdown.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and drop us a line, or head up to the cabin and say hey – we’d love to see you!



Welcome September!

September 3rd, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.36.37 PM

Wow! I feel like I haven’t been here in ages!

We were so fortunate to take over a month off this year, we really needed it after the sad winter we had. Between the sun and hard work around the yard and on the house, we have come home to ourselves and are ready to get back to it!

It wasn’t all play though in truth, I was TA-ing for the summer and we also had an AMAZING Mema Tech-kno Camp in Chicago, where the teens produced a documentary on teen pregnancy. I am so proud of those  youth, it is amazing to see them come alive in that creative situation, behind, and in front of the cameras.

Although we had only one session over the summer, we spent a great deal of time working on the studio and the ‘booth’ is nearly complete. I spent the past weekend rearranging amps in the studio and giving the gear room a good clean up. It feels good to get passed that feeling that the construction will never end! There is indeed a light at the end of this tunnel and thank goodness maybe it came just in time, as we’re awaiting the green light on a rather large film project.

I hope you’ve been following along with these amazing artists who are doing some incredible work, including opening their own studios (Ranj Singh) and  touring almost non-stop (Jody Quine)! Also keep your eye on Billy the kid who has new music AND is going to be supporting Billy Bragg (I’m not even kidding!). Billy and I cut our hair this year for Locks Of Love as well, and I hope you’ll join us for our next cut if you have a dozen inches to share!

As always more news coming soon, we may be expecting a new addition to the family – come over to our Facebook pages (here and here) and Twitter for up to the minute updates!

We will also have news from Soulpancake, and some bookish things to report as well a few new games and apps.


Ok, it’s back to lectures for me – oh hai Harvard!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.37.33 PM






Me, live and rambling!

May 14th, 2014


Thanks so much to The Women’s International Music Network! I have to say it was really weird being on the other side of an interview!?

Read more here.

More news soon, we’re awaiting word on a pretty big project as we finish the new studio – here’s a hint though – we got to read a script!

We also still miss Buster and Kitty. We look now again at the rescue places, but maybe not quit yet.

Oh also, I made a game, please grab it and leave some feedback on iTunes so others can find it!


Be back soon!



MEMa makes the news!

May 1st, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.43.07 AM

Happy spring everybody! I’ll post more news soon as we have a couple of biggie things cooking, but for now, let’s all bask in the warm sunshine and the growing success of The MEMaStudio program!

Not only were this spring’s camp youth treated to a Masterclass by CNN producers, they have just been featured on WGNTV in Chicago!  We are So proud of them!

Drop over to the MEMa Facebook page and check out the video and photos from the most recent camp – what a blast!


More soon, stand by!!



Tech-Kno Camp Fun – Chicago style!

February 17th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.51.09 PM
Well it feels like spring with all of the warm temps we’ve been having this winter, the garden doesn’t know if it’s coming or going! Also, it’s pretty quiet around here without BDog, but we’re slowly getting use to it.

I guess with the bad comes the good, and now that we have more time we’re finally able to work on the studio; thank goodness, I should take a picture of the ‘cave’ I have been mixing in!

Our biggest news so far this year is that our After School Matters Tech Kno Camp teens were asked to a pre-screening and Q&A of Robert Redford’s Documentary Series ‘Chicagoland’.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.50.42 PM

It was such a blast, that the CNN Producers hit us up again, this time offering to come into the Camp and do a Masterclass with us in March! This is just all kinds of unexpected goodness and we’re so grateful for the opportunity!

Please follow along with the MEMa Studio journey on all our social media, and over on the website!

More news soon!


CNN Website:


The show will premiere on CNN on Thursday, March 6th at 10 pm ET/9 pm CT.

Please share!!

Happy Holidays!

December 19th, 2013


Well as this year comes to a close I have to say, it’s been a tough one, with some happy and some sad stuff here near the end.

We’ll be saying goodbye to old Busterdog in the coming days and kitty not long after I think. The decades they have been with us have been amazing and will always be known to many as the Busterdog years. It’s hard to say goodbye to friends like this, but I know we are not alone in this, as many of our ‘people’ friends have had to do the same this year as well.


I am just getting ready to write a cheque to the SPCA for the donation this year on behalf of the Very Vancouver Christmas albums, and also want to say thank you to those of you who donated on our behalf to the SPCA and to Make Music Vancouver. Look for news about a special Volume 6 of Very Vancouver Christmas next year, and let me know if you would like to contribute a song. I have two spots saved for some special friends, but we have lots of room!

Although we did not did not work on a lot of projects this year, we did do a bit for the ongoing film projects with Peace Is The Way Films and the Thich Nhat Hanh films, and we had a second to do a little ditty for our yoga instructor Melissa West. Though we didn’t formally make much new music, as always our days are always filled with it.

School has been really rewarding this year and at times I am really overwhelmed that I’m doing, what I’m doing at Harvard. I admire my professors daily, and I know that what I am learning and witnessing in lecture is a once in a lifetime experience. We are making change and I know that I am learning from the very best.

We don’t have any big plans for next year; a few albums here and there, continuing on with the films and school, and I know we’ll be spending lots of time on the mat, and missing our pet friends.

We hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday season, drop by and say hi when you have a chance!






November 17th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 3.55.46 PM

Well here we are coming up on the end of 2013 already! It still feel like we just got here and I have only just now finished unpacking!?

We wanted to remind you all to please support your local artisans this holiday season, buy their works, go to their shows, support their crowdfunding and show some love! This is what community is all about!

And speaking of community, we’re happy to be donating some Very Vancouver Christmas CDs to The Lynn Valley Life Good Neighbour Awards this year! We hope if you’re in our area you’ll nominate someone who deserves a pat on the back, and if you’re not in our area, take a look at this cool idea – maybe you can implement something where you live?

This winter we’ll be working on the studio, a solo project, some foley and scoring and lots of schoolwork!

More soon!!




October 10th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 6.24.51 PM

Well, ok , so my updates seem to have a seasonal theme – I guess I am here with a ‘quarterly’ update then! *(Note though that we are on all of our social media all the time for up to the minute news.)

It’s been a very hot and busy summer here, so many of the house things we had planned to do will be carried over to next year. We had a very successful MEMa Tech-Know Camp this past summer, and we sponsored this year’s Make Music Chicago as well – watch for  more updates from Chicago soon.

We’re still in ‘build’ mode with the new studio, but it is together enough now for a bit of recording and some foley work we’ve being doing for the Planting Seeds film trailers.

Do you all remember Melissa? She’s back on the grid as one of the top 20 contenders in the Peak Performance contest this year, check out her new website and activity HERE.

Danny Echo have a new single out and we’re actively searching for your best home made videos – THIS is the link to the lyric video, and on the website you can download both the lyrics and the uke tabs! Show us what you’ve got for your love!

Not much else to report, I am still very busy with school and am happy to say my programming skills are getting better! This semester is a math requirement, a science class and a design course, which has been really interesting. I have been messing around producing a few apps and websites, the latest one here – please check it out and pass it around - not a happy topic, but one we really need to be aware of.

On a lighter note I have been involved in a cool project with Justine Batemancheck it out here – and not a sales pitch but ooh lala this stuff rocks – we had a mention in People Mag this past week as well!

Drop us a line and tell us how you’re doing – oh and any ravers who would like Christmas albums for their winter shows – let me know I have a few of each year left!

See you for our winter update – stay warm and do some yoga!









Summer is here!

July 6th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 5.11.35 PM

Howdy everybody! We’re in and out of heat waves over here on the coast so the big challenge has been keeping the elderly animals cool! Buster doesn’t have his swimming pool at the new house and I think he’s missing it!

As always we have so much going on: Working away with Peace Is The Way Films on soundtracks and reading scripts and preparing for ‘Planting Seeds’ coming up this fall/winter, school work – I’m working on 3D animation, graphics and cool audio stuff at University of London (International Programs) this summer and then back at Harvard in the fall. There has been a lot of yoga happening around here, loads of juicing, writing and a start to the house list that got away from us last year.

There has also been some Christmas album discussion around Volume 6 and a lot of studio planning and decisions being made. We’ve been really excited to be checking out some new ear plug products and I’ll update you soon, it takes time to give each product a full trial in lots of different situations.

We’re making some plans for some new Danny Echo music and videos and we had a successful run of Make Music in Vancouver AND Chicago this year!

As we head into July we’re coming up on week two of the MEMaStudio Tech-Kno Camp at the Lighthouse Youth Center in Chicago,and I am personally excited as we have not only set up a songwriting module this year, but that our class this year is 90% girlpower! Yay! We’re looking forward to some cool stuff happening this summer as we tour recording studios, attend a cool concert and write a song for a music video! September will see us in Florida running a day camp with Film Life!

As always, please look for us on social media everywhere,  as well as fun places like SoulPancake , or over playing with Joe at HitRecord and now on Squidoo too where I can write to my heart’s content and share cool and groovy things with you! We have so much more coming up and on the go, check in and see how you can participate!

Happy summer everyone, stay cool and ask me anything – and if you have a chance head over here to take a look at the website I made for my last semester’s school project, I would love it if you shared it around, it’s a really important subject! Thanks gang!







April 22nd, 2013

Well it’s already nearing the end of April and I feel like a deadbeat for not updating the site yet. The fact is, is that I have been so busy with school; I had no idea I would be quite this busy!

I hope you are following along with the projects we are working on, on our social media sites, twitter, tumblr, facebook and Soulpancake! And especially our film campaign for Planting Seeds – we’re just rounding the corner of the half way point, and we’ve just finished the trailer – check it out!

We have  lots happening at the MEMaStudio this year, we’ll be teaching two Tech-Kno Camps this year, one in Chicago and one in Florida for Film Life. If you know of a school anywhere in the US or Canada that would like a Tech-Kno (Film & Audio Production camp for children and youth), contact me or drop an email through the MEMa website or Facebook page – we’d love to hear your ideas as well!

We have also co-founded a new group with some Harvard classmates, where we’ll be addressing free global education initiatives. Follow along as we start up over here at ConnectingMinds, and on all our social media!

As always we hope you’ll check out local artists and follow them on their pages, I have not been doing much booking or work with bands outside of reviews and advice, which I am always available for – grab me on Skype if you need to.

June is just around the corner, and forgive me if I am still caught up in school from now until then, but remember that it’s time to get involved with Make Music Vancouver - you can give them money, volunteer your time, or if you are an artist get out and play on June 21st! We’re also sponsoring the Chicago event this year – so get out and get involved!

Special web shout outs to Rainn Wilson and everybody at SP for the two Webby noms, Justine Bateman for including me in her cool project and David J Malan for being probably the best Professor I have ever encountered!

Happy spring everybody – I think it has finally arrived this week!





There is still time – deadline is Feb 3rd

January 21st, 2013
Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to invite you to take part in a once in a life time event – we are working on a special campaign that Martin Luther King Jr. began decades ago. 

If you know me you know I don’t ask you for much, and I don’t believe in awards, but I do believe in the recognition of hard work  and I would love to be a part of honouring the work of Thich Nhat Hanh and those who strive to find ways to make peace happen in every moment, for every person.

Please read on to find out how you or someone you know can be involved – and thank you!
Peace is the Way Films would like to begin 2013 by helping Martin Luther King, Jr. to fulfill one of his dreams.
We are launching a social media and email campaign to re-nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, 45 years after Dr. King’s assassination in 1968.
As Dr. King stated in his original 1967 Nobel Peace Prize letter, nominating Thich Nhat Hanh, ”I do not personally know of anyone more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than this gentle Buddhist monk from Vietnam.”
Help us nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.
It is easy for you to help make this dream a reality. At the bottom of this message there is a list of “Qualified Nominators,” meaning people who are qualified to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.
If you, a friend, colleague or acquaintance fit into any of the below categories, then you are eligible to nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013.
You can also of course as a private person sign the letter and send it to the Nobel Committee.
It is our goal to flood the Nobel Committee with letters from private persons and qualified nominators.
The deadline for all letters to be received by the Nobel Committee is February 3rd, 2013.
Smiles and Gratitude
Qualified Nominators:
The right to submit proposals for the Nobel Peace Prize shall, by statute be enjoyed by:
1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states;
2. Members of international courts;
3. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law, theology, directors of peace research institutes;
4. Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
5. Board members of organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize;
6. Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than the first meeting of the Committee after February 1st)
7. Former advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

Happy Holidays!

December 20th, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Well, if you have kept up with us on social media you know what a year we’ve had!

Since we packed up and moved to the ‘cabin’ in the last days of February, we’ve certainly had our share of events! From ruptured water mains (2!), leaks, leaks and more leaks, to the hours and days of scraping and painting, the bear who favorites our yard more than Lynn Valley Canyon itself, and especially the ups and downs with Buster’s health, we feel like we’ve had very full plates indeed. But we wouldn’t change a thing!

We’ve been so fortunate in that we’ve have had the time to deal with all the emergencies, work on the house, go to school, fit in some volunteer work and do a bit of music work as well.

Next year we’ll be doing more of the same (hopefully without the catastrophes!), as we have a bit more painting to do and a new studio to build! We have a film to score in the spring, a few more small projects and volume 6 of the Christmas album to get out, and you never know what else we’ll be getting up to! Come by and say hi!


We wish you all the very best,

& Much happiness in the coming year!

Watch for us in these places:

Sunday December 16th

December 11th, 2012

As the year winds down, we still have some surprises for you! I’ll update more soon, but until then:


This Sunday the first ever SoulPancake TV show will air!! Tune in to OWN 12noon PST.


Etsy store

October 4th, 2012

Hi gang! Until we get the merch section of this site up and running, here are a few things we have put up at the Etsy shop! If there is something else you would like to see please let me know. We’ll also post up a cd page pronto, but in the meantime head to for your VVC Cds!

Just a quickie!

October 2nd, 2012

Hey kids, two quick things: we’re doing some work on the site, so please bear with us – and I’ve just rediscovered our Tumblr page so come along for the ride!

We’re painting we’re painting we’re painting ……. more soon, lots of cool updates!

Did you know….

September 20th, 2012

……that Ravers will also play corporate events? Yes!!! That’s right, most of them also know plenty enough cover songs to mix in with their original tunes to keep you and your guests happy, happy happy!

Please consider them for your next Corporate, Birthday, Christmas, Holiday or New Years Event – have guitars will travel so>>>> Contact us for more information!

Just in case you weren’t aware! More updates soon, and please bear with us as we update the site!

You asked for it – you got it!

September 6th, 2012


A wee bit of Rave On Merch just in time for your holiday/back to school/fall outfit shopping! Tick cool fleece hat off your list and help us support next year’s Make Music Vancouver Fest!

Or – grab a patch and make your own Rave On gear! SHOP HERE!

Thanks kids! More news and a juicy fall update soon ~

Mid Summer Update (grab a coffee, this is a long one!)

July 29th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 6.17.22 PM

Although the weather has not been very summer like so far, that’s ok because we’re too busy to enjoy it anyway! We’ve been out-running the rain successfully on the house repairs and updates so far, so hopefully we can continue dodging it for another month or so until we get all the outside stuff done. You won’t find a complain in sight though, because holy moley this is heaven.

Ok, here come  the updates in no particular order!

First we’re SO excited that MEMa Studio’s very first Tech-Kno Summer Camp starts tomorrow! Thanks so much to Chicago’s Lighthouse Youth Centre for the donation of space for our campers! 10 youth will be hopefully having a blast while they learn about Audio and Video production as they make a professional music video with some of the industry’s finest! We’ll post the final product everywhere when it’s ready and head over to the MEMa fb page for regular updates on how it’s going! >>>>

Next, Jay Peachy and the The Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society are running their very first Burrard Inlet Fish Fest on Aug 11th – starting with a Ceremonial Canoe trip from Cates Park to Rocky Point in Port Moody – it will be a great event with music all day, arts and special surprises – a great family day and all proceeds to Burrard Inlet Marine Protection Programs &  The Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society! Note Jody will be performing along with many other amazing artists – check out the website for more details!


Also very happy to report that the Peace Is The Way Film: The Secret of the 5 Powers is finished and the premier screening in France was amazing – it’s big love all around and if you want to support Plum Village please download the Soundtrack from CDBaby HERE! Grab the comic book as well – this is a true treasure!

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.50.26 PMScreen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.50.00 PM

The next film, Planting Seeds of Mindfulness is already in production in Plum Village and donations are still being accepted for this amazing project. Do come and help raise a peaceful generation!

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.01.20 PM

In other news, SoulPancake has launched their new YouTube channel, which means the team is hard at work producing a new short film for you EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! It’s had great response so far, and brought loads more people over to the website – where you can come and hang with me!

crestAnd yay finally – we have real live Rave On merch coming your way! Stock up for Christmas NOW with fleece caps and toasty shearling scarves and while your at it, grab some cds from us, because we have loads of leftovers for 5$ a pop! Email and ask me for a list!

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.18.42 PM

Our own Danny Echo is back in the studio with nearly 2 dozen new tunes – they have a few more all ages events coming up this summer so be sure to get out and say hey! We’re also going to have a super special guest artist up on the site for August – you don’t wanna miss it!

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.33.13 PM

I just realized August is NEXT WEEK! Alan Spencer’s BITF starring Eddie Izzard and yay >>the scrummy Kate Kelton is coming up on Aug 16th and 17th. This is going to be a biggie kids – I am guessing immediate cult status – so watch if you can! Also Kate has an art show coming up right away too at Gallery 88 on Aug 9th!



Suffice to say it’s a super busy year for us, as usual, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fall, we’re expecting some cool website updates from Josh on this site and – oh wait did I mention this place? Harvard is a tasty addition to my plate this September!

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 9.41.57 PM

More soon – going to sharpen my pencils and buy all your Christmas gifts – hope you like red ~ Happy summer kids!

Summer’s here and the time is right….

June 7th, 2012

So much going on right now! We’re finally unpacked (almost, but for those few spidery boxes in the corner), and getting to know the new hood which in a word is AWESOME!

There is so much going on, check us on twitter and fb for up to the minute news – but the most recent news is the release of Sleepthief’s Mortal Longing video featuring the lovely Jody Quine! (Did you know you can watch her live and interactive on every Thursday night at 8:30PST?).

We’re also getting really excited about this year’s Make Music Vancouver, where we now have 170 bands and artists coming to gig in the streets on Gastown on June 21st! Check out the promo video for a little taste! HERE!
Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 3.43.38 PM

All the gang have loads of summer gigs coming up, of the free/outdoor/all-ages types – so check their websites for venues near you!

We’re hard at work right now getting the cd ready for the PITW film series – first film HERE, as well as getting ready for the next film I wrote in the previous post – if you want to check it out, the new website is up HERE!

Lots of new stuff coming up over at SoulPancake as well, so drop in and hang out for a while>> check out the video pages!

And last but not least, we’re working like mad finishing up the curriculum for the first MEMaStudio Tech – Kno Camp in Chicago this summer! This is really big for us and we are just getting our ducks in a row for some fundraising – watch for more news soon and drop over to the website and sign up for the newsletter – you would not believe some of the names we have on board – and that’s just the tip of the ol’ iceberg as they say!

And hey – have I said thank you to you for reading these updates? I appreciate it!

Colour this post: HAPPY!

May 26th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-05-26 at 1.18.40 AM
We are so honoured to be named to the Peace Is The Way Film team! We’ll be working on this project, which is about one of  the most important things I have maybe ever done. You can read about it HERE.

If you can please donate a little something to the effort, it is costing money to make, but what worthy work.

More updates coming soon, we’ve already been so busy since the move! All good – it’s all so good!!


Let’s begin summer this way every year!

April 13th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 1.25.46 PM

Hey Lower Mainland artists and industry!

I just want to grab you while you’re all Canuck happy and let you know that for the second year Rave On is sponsoring the

Make Music Vancouver

event, in Gastown on June 21st

yeah babies, the first day of summah!

We’re closing down Water Street and opening it up to musicians of all kinds!

Last year 150 of you turned out to play La Fête de la Musique gig, and 20k fans came out to watch!

This level of exposure provides such an amazing opportunity for you!

And for Industry folks – do you have a Paypal account or a cheque book?

If you answered yes to that question, please drop these folks a cheque,

this is the type of event that keeps music alive in Vancouver for artists and fans alike -

not to mention it’s uber cool exposure for you.

That’s my pitch – now get on it kids!

(Tell them I sent you and put a smile on Fabien’s face!)

Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 1.33.02 PM

I’m all about new

March 25th, 2012

Well, as promised, this post is from the new digs! The house is amazing, but the move wasn’t anything like I had imagined as Buster took ill the first night here and has not been well. So instead of putting my fancy new carpets down and arranging the house as I like, the new house has been a hospital of sorts – and remains so for the next while. It’s a slower way of unpacking – but the focus is correct.

It is a bit like being in a foreign country this new place, as everything here is digital  - and I mean everything from floors to fires, the stove and laundry, something is always beeping at me. So, on top of the move itself, this has been a real learning experience. It is amazing though and the neighbours have come over and are introducing themselves one by one – so great. I hope to have an open house with old friends and new neighbours, a night of food and music once Buster says he’s good to go.

On the work front, I have just updated Danny’s site with some summer dates, loads more to come  so check back often – Jody’s Thursday Night Live show is really taking off, catch it if you can Th 8:30PST on – Ranj and the boys have loads of summer stuff happening, check it out here and I will post more as I get back on track.

The really big news is of course MEMa – our website is live and you can grab our first newsletter here! Sign up for monthly news – we’re really rolling now and you can be a part of it!

My work with Peace Is The Way Films continues and I have almost completed the soundtrack. Please support them however you can – they do good stuff in this world!

Lastly, come on over to SoulPancake and let’s get deep! It’s pretty cool, I am having a blast over there and lots of great things in the works!

I hope to be up and running again very soon, I’ve been collecting the odd Christmas song for Vol 6 – hit me up if you’re keen – I will also get back recording in April sometime – stay tuned – SO much more good stuff on the way!!

Happy Spring!

Moving day is coming soon!

February 10th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 11.19.46 PM

Well this is a bit of a cheek actually, I am basically copying and pasting from the blog update I just did because I am so busy with the move – so please forgive and check out some of the cool things we’re a part of and stay tuned for even MORE!
So much has happened in the last little while, the MEMaStudio program has legs and we seem to be on a roll, moving forward and beginning to set up some ‘Tech- no’ kids camps for the summer and writing the program for the bus. It’s pretty heady stuff, when I look at the folks around me that I am working, with I am a bit overwhelmed!
Two other very cool things; I am now writing for Rainn Wilson’s Soul Pancake – come and find me there and let’s tackle some of life’s big questions! It never gets boring over there, I can tell you that, and it’s an awesome place to rest my head when things get too hectic!
And most recently, and the thing that just blows me right away – is being able to be a part of the ‘Peace Is The Way‘ film series. It is a huge honour, and as I can’t travel to Plum Village this brings Thay and PV right to me! I can’t say enough about the people here or the project, please check it out yourself – I am happy to hear your thoughts!
So along with all of our other work, we are really busy right now with the move – Feb 28th is the day, and I am sure I’ll be tweeting about it, as I am wont to do.
Oh, and note – we’re only doing a limited run of Danny’s new CD ‘Unplugged and Unglued’ and they will only be available the night of the Feb 25th show at the Railway, so if you want one come on down!

Next post from the new digs!

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 11.26.26 PM

Danny Echo – The Unplugged & Unglued EP

January 24th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 4.02.15 PM

It’s here, it’s here!

Here it is kids – grab a copy and then head over HERE and download the lyric sheets so you can have yourself a lil sing song!

We’d love to know what you think!

Happy Chinese New Year!

January 22nd, 2012

Screen shot 2012-01-22 at 12.48.51 AM

Stef Lang Moves @ The Speed Of Sound

January 16th, 2012

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 1.27.20 AM

Well, what can I say – Stef Lang is BC’s own source of natural energy – the girl moves at the speed of sound. I am looking at her two year plan and my head is spinning.

We’ve signed on to help her make some noise about her upcoming single ‘PaperDoll’ to be released Feb 1, her upcoming EP: ‘Fighting Mirrors’, which is dropping for free download on Feb 29th, various videos and live performances, a North American tour and some very cool surprises like this little ditty: “Tuesday Twitter Chat”, every Tuesday at 2pm – a Q&A with Stef herself ~

Stay tuned here, Stef’s Site, and all her social media for all the news – and don’t forget to tune in to your local radio and start requesting PaperDolls Feb 1- I’ve had a sneak peak and you – will – love  - it!

Happy Holidays!

December 22nd, 2011


Happy Holiday and all the very best in the New Year!

Click HERE to download this year’s recipe folder!

Holiday Events

November 26th, 2011

Picture 4


Hey kids – well we’re already working away on some great events for 2012, and will have a brand spankin’ new Danny Echo CD for you January 24th and some great bigs news from MEMa Studio!

Please head over to the blog for a bit about the Christmas albums, we still have some left – and here are a couple of all ages shows to note:

December 3rd Danny Echo is back for their second year at the North Vancouver Firelight Festival – it’s free, all ages – bring the kids for a bit of a sing song with the Mayor and Santa!

And December 4th brings us the amazing Gina Williams Concert at Northwood United – tickets are 20$ for adults and 15 for seniors and Kids under 10.

Lots of ravers are out playing for charity this year too, which does my heart good, please check out individual websites for updates and get your Christmas on!!

If you have a show or event you’d like me to chat about send it along and I’ll do a blog with an updated schedule once we’re into December – in the meantime, stay warm and share ~

Who Let November In?

November 2nd, 2011

Picture 4

Well, I was going to write another ‘fall’ update, but I guess we’re onto winter now – when did that happen (get it winter – get it Johnny Winter? Haha)?

As always SO much to tell, so if you feel I am forgetting something, please check out the individual artist websites.

November always begins with the ‘Kindness Concert’, it’s going to be another amazing event – and this year maybe just a wee bit better because Ranj and the boys will be performing! You still have a day to grab a seat!

There is also another special event to mention, Sandra and Geraldo Dominelli are putting on a very special event for some very special people on November 20th – you can find out more information here. It’s a fundraiser with some real star power, so get out for some fun and thoughtful giving!

Even though we are not producing a Very Vancouver Christmas album this year, (watch for volume 6 next year !), we still have some copies of volumes 1-5 left! Contact us here or HERE! Watch the VVC website too for some special downloads and videos closer to December, people are always dropping in to say hi!

Danny and Katie are home from Japan, but are leaving some lasting marks over there; Japan Music TV has picked up a few tunes from these great artists for their TV shows – more news soon -we’re so excited for them!

Here at home base, we’re busy making our next year’s schedule up and wow, the slate is nearly full and the artists are amazing, I can’t wait to tell you! Seriously – wow.

AND, we have made a new friend, Mr Kirk Denson, who we just love, and we’re really excited about the MEMa Studio, please take a look – it may be coming your way! (OK actually giddy now).

AND if that’s not enough, we’re giving a helping hand to Bobbi Style and the Access 2 Foundation, who will be releasing their compilation CD mid November. Access 2 is helping to make recording studios around the world ‘bobbi friendly’ (accessible for disabled artists). We are honored to be a part of this – stay tuned for more great updates this winter!

Ok I was going to write AND again, but I won’t so…. ALSO – Jenn will be doing some writing for Delish Magazine, because she’s fancy like that, and wow, I always feel like I’m forgetting something – oh yes, please don’t forget and spread the love – that all our artists are available for corporate Holiday/New Year’s parties! We can always work within your budget!

Check back, more great news coming up!

Hurray for Danny Echo~

September 29th, 2011

Thanks to CDBaby for loving Danny Echo’s tune: Tomorrow Today so much they wanted to use it in their new Facebook Music store Promo ad!


September 26th, 2011

Rave On Poster

Well for anyone that lives in Vancouver you must know that the temp dropped 13 degrees in one quick swoop. I am sure it will go back up in a few days, but Buster has his heating pad on tonight!

I am use to being very busy at this time of year with the Christmas album, so it feels a bit weird to be focused on something else (house hunting) entirely. For anyone looking for a Christmas album this year – please hit us up over here and check out some of the past 5 albums. We’ll have Volume 6 for you next year I promise – and honestly, you just never know what we’ll be getting up to for Christmas this year…you just never know…

So far this fall Katie Chonacas has just had her Noble Exchange Episode released on-line – you can check it out HERE if you missed it; Danny Echo and Katie Rox have been to Japan and back and wowee do they have lots to tell us! Keep up with them over HERE (Watch for the Webisodes coming soon!) And special thanks to all our Japanese friends who kept us updated!

There is a lot of fun stuff brewing over here, POP Okanagan for Danny Echo – and we’re putting together a few zippity pow surprises for you all as well, so keep up to date HERE.

Well this is just a short note – I am in the thick of MLS listings — but more very soon – follow us on Twitter and facebook for all of the up to the minute ramblings – and check out the fancy art by Bret Taylor too!

Over and out.

Fall will soon be upon us ~

August 28th, 2011

Picture 6

Well, we’ve been busy and had some sad losses recently, and I have been neglecting updates. We’re house shopping right now, and if you follow me on Twitter or FB you will likely be aware of my great innocence when it comes to real estate and everything those two words mean. It’s been difficult, and am happy I didn’t book any recording this year!!

Anyway – so much happening and it’s coming up really quickly! We have Fleur joining us NEXT WEEK from New Zealand, hope you can check her out, hope I will have time to meet her IRL!

Danny is getting ready to head over to Japan, watch the antics HERE and try to get out to one of their shows, and spread the Danny Echo word!

Also, Alex Highton is fundraising for his album manufacturing, so please help him out HERE and regard the amazing art on the guitar above – which is on his list of incentives!! I’m not kidding! The amazingly talented Mrs H will decorate one of Al’s guitars for you!! (Pick up not included campers) ~ So jump on board and help a fella out – it’s going to be SO worth it – you can say you knew him ‘when’….

And watch Ranj Singh - the universe is swirling around him and the band and I think something is going to happen soon, just sayin’.

Special thanks goes out to Brian Wampler and his great gang at Wampler Pedals! We already had the Paisley Drive, but also just received the Faux Tape Echo and wow, so-cool! Head up left there and click on the Tech Talk or Clip pages and check out the little ditty we did up for them!

OK – more soon I promise – right now as I write the sky is wreaking havoc in NYC Athan is out-in-it and Lonna and I have been watching the storm through his tweets – and I have to go get Vince’s room ready – it’s songwriting camp time of the year again!

Oh also check out IDoLVine – working on a new article for them (Read the last one here) – join up it’s free! And stay tuned for some very cool news about a young artist we’ll be working with next year!!!

Ok east coast stay dry, west coast, hydrate for some heat this week!

Rave On lost a friend today…

August 17th, 2011

Picture 1

Early today  Gerry Lev became part of the music. Gerry was a great friend and colleague, the brains and brawn behind the ‘Breathe’ album, our Christmas project with the BC Lung Association, a part of Ranj Singh’s recent album project and a huge supporter of local music. And I mean HUGE supporter. Gerry put on house concerts and connected the dots to local musicians wherever he could. He was a Raver through and through and we will miss his smile, laugh and warmth; but we’re happy to think he is now part of the music he loved!

Please sit Shiva as you can.


August 2nd, 2011

Picture 44

Well summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, and though we’ll get to enjoy a bit of sun (thank goodness for laptops), we are head down and plowing through loads of work. As you know Danny Echo and Katie Rox are heading to the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka this September. We’ve set up a bit of a Tumblr page for them, so you can watch their progress from paper and admin to their live shows in Osaka and Tokyo. Check it out HERE.

BUT! (and I always do this stuff in the wrong order!), before that, we have the amazing Fleur Jack coming to town all the way from New Zealand – she’ll be playing out at the IPO and doing a show with Danny as well, before she heads out on tour throughout BC/Alta and down the west coast of the US.

As always, I encourage you to check the individual artist websites for upcoming shows, as we’re always adding more – ie: Ranj and the boys are booking up quickly and have you checked in on Jody lately – spiff new website lady!!

Special thanks goes out tonight to Brian Wampler and his special talent with gear!

And last but not least – all good thoughts to Gerry Lev who’s in a bit of a rough patch with his health – Gerry is the genius behind the Breathe album we did for the Lung Association last Christmas, and he is our great friend, hang in there Ger.

More soon, always loads to say, follow us HERE on facebook or HERE on twitter, for up to the second news!

Drink water, use sunscreen and love each other – happy last month of summer!

Some coolness for hot days ~

July 13th, 2011

kyriaki -  Photo courtesy

Wow, if you would have told me that I would be at all interested in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, other than maybe because Ms Cutrone would be there, I would have shook my head – but – judge not – that’s my new mantra.

Recently I met a superfine lady and we’re excited to welcome her – check out Katie Chonacas  you may recognize the face…

She has some awesome ideas and plans, and she’s a girl who will get what she wants! You want to talk about drive? Get off the road people, because she’s coming your way!


Photo courtesy of:

We made it to summer!

July 7th, 2011

Picture 18

….without rusting! Well, it’s been hot for a few days, but as I write this it’s a fine soft day – no complaints! We’re all heads down busy as usual – even a rusty bucket still holds water (is that deep or am I just tired?).

A few updates – Ranj Singh and the Discriminators had a great CD release, standing room only thank you very much! Check out their fancy website updates and grab a copy of the album – it’s awesome to be sure!

Danny Echo is slammed busy and we really hope you will grab your family and get out to see the band at one of their many all ages shows this summer! They head to Japan in September for the Kansai Music Conference, and we’ve had the good fortune to hook up with the super lovely Katie Rox, who will, along with promoting her new album ‘Pony Up’, will be an honorary Echo for the trip!

There are SO many shows going on, please check the artist’s sites and pages for times and dates, and join us on Twitter and Facebook for constant and only slightly annoying up-to-the-minute-updates. (Note we have so many cool new friends on Twitter, please come and join in the conversation!).

Shout out to John Lee, who just did a cool interview with FMA – watch for it! And hi to new friend Sarah Wheeler – check her out – awesome possum!

Picture 19

OK, more soon, I have been a deadbeat and have been slagging on the updates – this will change soon….really!

June News!

June 9th, 2011


Hey everybody! So much going on – again please check individual artist pages for details, but I can tell you:

So many artists are playing out at Fete de la Musique in Gastown on June 21st – this is a free event and it’s happening all over the world – go support your local music and have a great day out!

Gillian Hobbs is teaching a songwriting class for teens at Bby Public Library On June 24th – there are 3 spots left at the time of my posting!

Danny Echo is playing at the Urban Culture Conference (Aug 27/28th), and they are also featured on the UCC ‘Urban Potion Mixtape Volume 3′, so head over here and download for a great taste of some of Vancouver’s best rock bands (downloads are free – gratis!).

There are also a few days left to get in on the Danny Echo BBQ Tweet contest – head over to their website to read all about it – and keep your eyes open for three new live videos coming your way this year – thanks to the filming genius of Mr Gene!

The new Ranj Singh and the Discriminators album ‘Found A Way Home’ drops this month, as does our new friend Katie Rox’s release; “Pony Up” ~ watch for some spotlights and news over at NXEW, as well as a few articles and interviews by yours truly.

Fleur Jack is coming up from New Zealand in Sept to take part in the IPO,  and we’re setting up some shows with Danny in BC/Alberta with the help of our hero Althea!

So much going down I know I am forgetting tons, Jody has been doing some vocals with Justin for SleepThief, Sheldon is in studio, Gillian has an EP coming as well as a new video, Gina Williams has a new video and new site coming soon, Bobby Richards is heading down to Nashville to do some writing, Laurie Biagini is home from Italy and back in the studio, I am just mixing some of Skully‘s new music – (have I said WOW yet?), and she’ll have a new site soon as well, Michelle Richard will be at the Jazz Fest – so do go, and wow, who am I forgetting?

Keep up with us on Twitter and I am usually on FB – so you know, news as it happens and all that….and oh yeah GO CANUCKS! (thanks for the photo Len!)

A post for Alex Highton

May 22nd, 2011

Picture 6

So much to talk about, but I wanted Al to have a post to himself – congratulations on your two singles!

Hey everyone, for just a few dollars you can support some amazing music and it’s maker! You will remember Al when you hear the songs, but they’re now studio recorded and mixed (and mastered over here in Canada by our own Vic Levak at Hush!). The world is a small place ~

Village Life/You Left Me In No Doubt - Single - Alex Highton

May News

May 5th, 2011

Danny Echo logo #2.5 jpg

Happy Spring everybody!

Lots of news and releases coming up, I will list everything asap, but just wanted to let you know about the release of the new Danny Echo video, this coming Saturday May 7th at the Fairview. Please contact  IMUProductions for tickets. It’s a cool video and will be a cool show with loads of special guests, so come out and meet the folks who made the video and party with the Echos.

They also have a new website and merch store – check it out, pretty cool if I do say so myself!

John Jorgenson – in Vancouver – for real!

April 25th, 2011

Picture 8Hey everyone, I am doing last minute promo for John’s shows at the Django Fest this coming weekend (April 29-May 1st) – if you don’t know who he is read about him HERE. If you do know who he is, get excited because he’s here for 2 shows this year as well as a workshop!

Go to Roguefolk for tickets and/or hit me up for more info!

Spring Update

April 8th, 2011


Well it must be spring because Buster is asleep in the sun on the balcony, and flu and all, I shall soon join him!

Here are some juicy Rave On happenings, starting tomorrow – so get your sneakers on and get out to some shows people!

Danny Echo CD Release Say April 9th, 8pm – Joe’s Apartment get details and check out their new website HERE.

They’ll also be releasing their new video for ‘Down To The Letter’ on May 7th at the Fairview, details TBA.

John Mellencamp is in town at the Orpheum on Wed April 13th, there might be a few tickets left you can check HERE.

Cupla has a gig on April 23rd at Joe’s Apartment, get more details and email Billy for tickets HERE.

Cupla also has another gig coming up May 13th at The Princeton with Bishop’s Field and The Niche, more info coming soon.

April 24th is the David Suzuki EarthRun and this year there are two event sites. You can catch Sheldon Witt, Danny Echo and Ezeadi Onukwulu at Jericho or if you happen to be over the bridge check out Pamela Sunshine at the Ambleside run. More info on both events HERE.

John Jorgenson the Quintet will be performing again at St James Hall April 30th and May 1st, and again July 9th and 10th at the Vancouver Island Music Fest with Mr Albert Lee! More info HERE.

More dates to come, and stay tuned for new music from Cupla, Ranj Singh and the Discriminators and Gillian Hobbs! Bobby Richards also has a few acoutic ditties he’s releasing on his FaceBook page, that we recorded live when he was down last. Check out his first one, ‘Beneath Your Beauty’ HERE.

Also please check in with all the artists on their sites and pages and show your love! Everyone has loads of shows, but they’re never too busy to drop you a line or say hey~

Danny Echo new Album out TODAY

March 17th, 2011

Rock Bottoms Up – featuring ….well so many good songs that they could all be singles – but we especially love: ‘Down To The Letter’ (new video in the works as we speak!) and of course ‘One Of A Million’! Buy it now or grab one at any of their upcoming SHOWS! (And hey – first 20 peeps to buy it at the release on April 9th at Joe’s Apartment are going to get a little something fancy!)

And you can even request Danny Echo on 95.3FM in Vancouver, and 96FM in Alberta! Show your love!

Rock Bottoms Up - Danny Echo

Changing the world ~

March 14th, 2011

Picture 1

Not long ago, we discovered The Girls Rock Camp – I wrote about it HERE tonight – if you are looking for a very worthy charity to support this year – please consider them, even after your gifts to Japan and the Red Cross – save a little for home too ~

Reel Youth

March 4th, 2011

Picture 21

I can’t remember where I first found Reel Youth, but all that matters is that I did – now I want to spread the word everywhere – please support them and their fine work – we do!

Tanya Davis is coming to town! Tanya Davis is coming to town!

February 16th, 2011

Rave On is very excited to announce upcoming show dates for
“How To Be Alone” Internet sensation Tanya Davis.

?”How to be Alone is a whimsical videopoem that explores the multi-faceted definition of “alone”; the relationship between solitude and loneliness. Part animation, part spoken-word, the Bravo!FACT commissioned project, was shot, animated, and edited by award-winning indie filmmaker Andrea Dorfman. Tanya Davis composed the poem and music and performed in the video – which is now on it’s way to 3 million views.”

And check out her music – she is one of my favorites!
Picture 86

Traveling across Canada to support her 3rd album Clocks and Hearts Keep Going, Tanya Davis finds herself in BC and at the following shows and events:

Wed Feb 23rd – Wax Poetic Radio with RC Weslowski 2pm on Coop Radio (CFRO, 102.7FM)

Wed February 23rd – The Super Robertson Supper Show at the Railway Club 7:30

Friday Feb 25th – The Artbank w/ Cris Derkson. 8:00pm. 1987 Powell Street.

Sunday Feb 27th (Victoria) Solstice Cafe w/ Mary Pinkoski at 7:30pm

Balligomingo – Remixes Volume One

February 13th, 2011

Picture 83

Here we are nice and fresh from the Hush oven – careful, it’s hot!

Let’s get on it! ~ 2011 News

January 24th, 2011

Backstage show feb 13th
Welcome to our new year! We have so much happening right off the top! Check back for updates often, I’m not in a write-y mood right now, still trying to get organized, but here is what we have, and please excuse me if I’m not in proper chronological order ~

The first part of the year will see many new albums, including releases from:

Balligomingo – The First Remix Album – Feb 14th – digi release
Ranj Singh And The Discriminators – March
Michelle Richard – TBA
Matt Stanley And The Decoys – TBA
Cupla – TBA
Danny Echo – April 9th
Gillian Hobbs – TBA

(Media inquiries to me at ~

We’ve got some great shows coming up, one of the coolest is Bobby Richard’s show at the Backstage Lounge on Feb 13th. There will be a pile of ravers there all singing about our favorite songwriting topic: LOVE! Yeah! Sheldon will MC and he’s busily researching the topic and will no doubt have some interesting trivia for you! Oh and bonus, Co-op Radio will be there recording as well – so do come and make some noise!

The next day we’ll release the much anticipated Balligomingo remix CD!!

End of Feb sees a special visit from Tanya Davis, who will be in town for a few shows and a bit of radio (Wax Poetic) before joining The Fugitives on tour.

Feb/March has Cupla at the Rio, Joe’s Apartment with Matt Stanley and Tarl and an interview on HSB radio – check their website here for all the details!

March/April has a new Danny Echo single, video and the CD release (Details TBA), and April sees the glorious return of John Jorgenson for Django Fest!

In and around these dates, the rest of the gang will release their upcoming projects, and I will update with details as soon as we know!

We’re also hooking up with two great groups, but I will save those for a separate post to give them the spotlight they deserve.

April also has EarthRun, and do keep June 25th free…..ahem.

The rest of the year is shaping up to be very interesting on an international level…stay tuned!

At this time of year let’s not forget to keep helping!

December 18th, 2010

Picture 6

Hey everyone, this is from Tim at Paste Magazine, one song can make a lot of difference!

As the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake approaches next month, we are partnering with Causeast and Music for Relief to draw attention to, and raise funds for, the urgent needs that persist there.

Starting next month, Download to Donate for Haiti will offer visitors great new music in exchange for a $10 donation. This one-time donation will entitle donors to new songs, video content and giveaways all year long. All proceeds will go to charity partners focused on solutions in Haiti: Music for Relief, Partners in Health, Artists for Peace and Justice, and charity:water. And we will keep “subscribers” updated throughout the year on the progress being made, so that everyone sees exactly where the money goes and what a difference it makes. Major partners and supports, in addition to Paste, include MTV, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Clear Channel Radio, Rock the Vote, Invisible Children, Headcount and others.

We are still looking for additional music, especially previously unreleased tracks, from all genres, to offer to donors. Please consider offering tracks for this worthy cause.

To make contributing songs easy, we’ve reactivated our upload service from our own Songs for Haiti initiative from the beginning of this year. You can upload songs here, and we will provide those to Causecast for use in the program.  They will be posted at as part of the Download to Donate widget; Paste is not involved in collecting or distributing funds.

Click here to upload songs:

December Update

December 8th, 2010

Screen shot 2010-12-08 at 1.11.50 AM

Well look at this – it’s very nearly the middle of the month, time for our first Very Vancouver Christmas Show and I can’t believe how time is flying by! I am crazy busy, sending out invitations to everyone I can think of, please do ask your great aunt Myrtle if she would like show tickets, because no matter how much money we raise, playing for you all is what Ravers love to do best! So please come out and show your love and support for the artists and throw a little cash down and grab yourself a Christmas CD or two – what a great gift for Aunt Polly – we love Bing, but maybe something to put a little spice in her step this year – a little Danny Echo maybe? And if Laurie Biagini doesn’t get her up dancing nothing will!

And don’t forget these are all ages shows, we want all ages!! Come out jump up on stage and sing along! Honest, we don’t mind! People under 5 are free, so bring a few!

Dec 12th – Inlet Theatre Port moody

Dec 19th – St James Hall

Call me or drop us a line for tickets!

Want a preview? Check out the new CD!

The Lung Association Project

November 24th, 2010

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 9.46.12 PM

Here it is folks! Hope you can make it out to the CD release show, featuring an entire glorious night with Ranj Singh and the Discriminators at Blue Frog Studio!

(Ticket price includes a ‘Breathe’ CD!).

And keep watching for more updates, it just gets better and better!

Book mark us here!

•Special thanks to our all-the-time-angel Gerry Lev for making this project happen!•

More November! Shows-shows and more shows!

November 18th, 2010

Picture 5

Wow, we are SO busy around here but I want to keep everyone up to date on shows etc. There are lots of opportunities to see the ravers, support great causes and buy cds coming up!

~ First – the new Very Vancouver Christmas is here, and looking good! Check out the website or holler and we’ll get you a copy!

~ We just released, along with the Lung Association of BC, another holiday project called “Breathe”, we’re working on the website right now, but give me a shout if you want a ticket to the release, at Blue Frog Studio on December 4th – Ranj Singh and the Discriminators will be playing all night and it will be amazing! PS the tickets are SO fancy – I hand panted them all!

~ We had a call from Shaw TV today, they’ll be doing a bit about the “Breathe” release on Tuesday afternoon’s show The Express, and they’ll be out filming Gillian Hobbs up at Hush studio Sat and then at Trees Sat night in Yaletown, go get in on the fun!

~ Ranj and the boys will also be performing at the CBC FoodBank drive on December 3rd – they’ll be joined by Adrienne Pierce and a host of others – go and support, I just read today that food bank use is way up!!

~ Hmm am I doing this in random order? Apparently!! This one is next week! We were also asked to provide an artist for the Lace Up For Kids event and I am so excited to be a part of this! Go watch Gillian Hobbs and loads of other artists November 25th HERE while you’re skating for the kids!

~ Cupla also has a night at the Princeton coming up with Bryan Anderson’s new band The Beat Seeking Missiles, and the Dead Wax Collective – always a smash up good time! Nov 26th

~ Matt Stanley  and the Decoys have been chosen to be on K96.3 – Kelowna’s Classic Rock, “KComp”, and they’ll be showcasing at the Habitat in Kelowna on Nov 27th! They’ll also be back in town for a gig with Cupla at the Roxy on Dec 20th!

~ December 4th is a free night in North Van with Danny Echo, Laurie Biagni and Sheldon Witt on stage for some fun and music. It’s the Celebration of Lights and will end with the Carol Ships, one of my favorite memories as a kid in NVan! The gang starts at 5pm!

~ Also don’t forget to get out to Leigh Square on December 9th for some Holiday songs and songwriting for the City with Sheldon Witt, Gillian Hobbs and The Light Machines – this is a free, family event and will be pretty cool! We’re using this as a template for next year, so if you want a community holiday song, let us know and we’re there!

~ And then of course the Very Vancouver shows: Dec 12th at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody, and Dec 19th at St James Hall – all ages, kids under 5 – free, tickets 10$ all for the SPCA…And I must say I think we have 14 artists on each bill so get ready for a squishy, loud, great holiday time! call me for tickets 604.294.3007!!

More news soon!

November News

November 3rd, 2010


As usual there is so much going on that I have to remember to get it out of my head on down here for you to share!

First of all the Christmas cd was released today – check it out here!

Next, the shows are set, two REALLY BIG Very Vancouver Christmas shows are taking place Dec 12th and 19th, find more info on the Christmas site or contact us for tickets! Also keep an eye on the Christmas site as the Ravers will be playing out at other free community events! I’ll also post here, we’ve got some cool stuff coming up!

Also our friend Tanya Davis has a new cd out today as well, check it out here, and watch the Artist Spotlight at Nov 6th for more (I just wrote it tonight with much love!).

And speaking of November 6th, we have a big smash up show at the Princeton Pub, with The Light Machines, Matt Stanley and the Decoys and super special guests Virginia Leaves!

Now on November 13th You’ll want to get out early to the Shark Club and catch Danny Echo’s Video Release – three EXTRA special guests on the bill, not to be missed!! Plus it is also going to be recorded for radio – so come out and make some noise!!!

Oh gosh I feel like  am forgetting something…will make another update shortly, I know there is so much more to tell!

MusicAid2011- Vancouver

October 18th, 2010

Picture 22

Yes, that’s right, we’re producing this little ditty next year.

More info HERE.

New project – unDISCOVERED the film

October 7th, 2010

Picture 12

Hey everyone, new project! We’ve crossed over into documentary land -

Jonathan Fluevog and I came up with a cool idea – here it is – please support the project, and most importantly the artists involved, we’d love to see you out tomorrow night at the Princeton!

Special thanks to Samantha for being so amazing and keen to be a part of this project, and to Kera who saved me many times, while I was trying to figure out how to build this website!

Balligomingo – UAES Origins

October 6th, 2010


Rave On Studio is excited to announce the digital release of the new Balligomingo acoustic album: “UAES Origins”

Vancouver October 7th 2010 – Rave On Studio is pleased to announce the Official release of Balligomingo’s third release: “UAES Origins”.

BALLIGOMINGO is officially releasing their acoustic album “UAES Origins”, hot on the heels of their second release ‘Under And Endless Sky’ earlier this year. The album features two new songs, as well as stripped down, acoustic versions of five fan favorites. Fans can also download a pdf booklet form the website, which includes lyrics, production notes and notes from the band members.

With weeks on the 2010 Smooth Jazz charts, the way is paved for great success with UAES Origins.

“We wanted to show people the evolution of a song, and perform some of the material as it was originally written. We felt it added more fan value to previously released material, and we’re also really happy with the two new releases. We are also hoping to reach a broader audience as well with the acoustic versions, they’re a lot more intimate.”

For the latest information on the band and to purchase the new album, visit:

Or click here to purchase!


How tacky is it to say Rocktober? (October updates – week 1!)

October 5th, 2010

VVC5 Postcard

Wow, we have a busy couple of months ahead! Here are some MUST see dates:

Danny Echo on Urban Rush Oct 6th, at 5, 7 and 11pm

Cupla, Matt Stanley and the Decoys and The Light Machines at the Princeton Pub Friday Oct 8th – 10$ door

(and – sneak, sneak , sneak, go check them out earlier at 6pm ~ filming interviews at the Gastown Fluevog store!)

And much more to come; we still have FOUR HUGE album releases this year, two brilliant Christmas shows, a new Christmas website and the customary partridge.

Buster says woof!

More September News

September 21st, 2010

Picture 7

Ok found a spare minute to let you in on some more cool things – first up Bobby Richards is in the Province Download section today – grab yourself a copy of ‘All I Got Is My Guitar’!

Next up we’re really happy to be doing some work with Gina Williams! What an amazing talent! Also working on some shows and planning for Destineak (CD release this Saturday – go!) and the very lovely Tanya Davis, you all know her as the How to Be Alone girl.  We also have a few more new artist updates coming soon – stay tuned!! Oh and check out Hush Mag, they’re going to be doing some artist interviews and performance shooting for us!

Lots going on for fall releases: Balligomingo on the B&N ‘Beauty 2′ compilation as well as the release of ‘UAES Origins’, which is turning out to be an unbelievable cd! We also have Danny Echo‘s ‘Rock Bottoms Up’ in the final stages of completion along with a smash up cd release planned for Whistler in December! The single ‘Tomorrow Today’ is also out across Canada, so be sure to request it on your local college radio! And the Cupla album will be in hand and on sale at their upcoming show at the Princeton on October 8th!

And last but not least the Christmas album! We’re coming around the bend and heading off to master, working on the website and planning the Christmas shows! It’s the 5th year Anniversary and we’re doing it up right!

I am waaay behind on writing up interviews – but I promise it’s on my list, they are all mostly half written, so soon!! Need-more-hours-in-the-day.

Stay warm.

September Update

September 7th, 2010

Picture 22

First and foremost Happy New Year – Rosh Hashanah is this week- a fresh start!

We have so much happening around here, as usual – this week check out the Province Playlist for a free Danny Echo download! And speaking of Danny Echo, this week also sees the beginning of the radio campaign for their single ‘Tomorrow Today’! (The video is also in production and as a bonus we’ll be including it on the new album out in December ~).

Tonight Shel will be up at SFU with Ryan on Melodies In Mind, so tune in to CJSF 90.1 FM at 8pm, and if you can’t catch him tonight the stream is usually available for download.

Congratulations to Hilary Grist, not only for her sold out show at the Cultch this week, but for her spotlight at and on iTunes!

Of course this week was unveiled with the music from their new EP – which is available for sale right from their site or on iTunes later this week. We’re also combining forces with Jon Fluevog’s Light Machines, and having a great ‘Night of Rock’ along with Cupla and Matt Stanley and the Decoys at the Princeton Pub Oct 8th, Watch for details!

And once again thanks to Mandy for Matt Stanley’s photo shoot, we’re just waiting for the photos to load, so exciting!

And of course Christmas, we’re down to the wire and still finishing up on a few tunes, and it looks like we’re going to have a few more special guests on this year’s album – oolala just you wait!

Much more in store…..

Cupla is LIVE!

September 5th, 2010

Picture 11At last the songs are up, web presence is in place and the Cupla gang are ready to rock! Please drop by and say hey to this hard working local band, and get out and support their shows – they’re playing for you!

New Release – “Bobby Richards Avenue”

August 26th, 2010

Cover artThis has been a long time in the making but here we are at last!

With a Bob Dylan voice and a John Prine heart, Bobby Richards entertains you with stories about the coming of the end….again, a love that’s sweet like poison and a love that opens your eyes. He asks you to stay for one more and croons with Melissa Endean in a duet about mistaking love for like. It’s a ride through the country on a fall day with the top down, along Bobby Richards Avenue, and it just doesn’t get much better than that. Read more here!

A sneak peak..

August 26th, 2010

….at soon-to-be-Raver Stef Launay, and a taste of her music – see Stef, see Stef go, see Stef go far….go Stef go!

We lost Mike Norman today…

August 17th, 2010

Picture 7What a talent and what a great man – sadly, sadly missed by the entire music community.

Please check out Mike’s website and blog to read about Mike and his accomplishments.

We’ll miss you Mike.

****Added August 19th ~

“A date has been set for the memorial service for Mike Norman. It will be on September 1st at 1:30pm at First Memorial Funeral Service, 1340 Dominion Ave. Port Coquitlam, BC. For those musicians out there it’s right next to the PoCo Long & McQuade. There is still lots of planning to be done but the date and time are now set. Please feel free to share this. (Thanks Cherelle)

August Update

August 14th, 2010

Picture 16

As usual there is a lot going on here, even though ‘technically’ we’re on vacation.

This year vacation means: recording Christmas songs, getting ready for the release of the much anticipated Bobby Richards Album ‘Avenue’ (August 31st – read more about Bobby soon!), setting up radio promo for Danny Echo (‘Tomorrow Today’), and finishing up music for Matt Stanley and the Decoys and Cupla.

The only thing on hiatus right now are the Acid House Interviews – coming up in September though, watch for Derek Sivers and our own Dave Chisolm!

The end of the month will see the unveiling of Cupla’s new web presence which is going to be amazing! A few of the ravers also have some great shows coming up – I’ll get a show page made up asap, but in the meanwhile, please check out their individual sites.

There will also be some exciting news from Balligomingo, in the works as we speak, and more videos of Ranj and the boys – check the first one out here!

I’m also working on a few cool projects: a review of the great ‘Black Book’ drum DVD out soon, from our very own bud Randy Black! And an extra special project for Vintage Guitar magazine, an interview with John Jorgenson about the Nashville flood, his floating and submerged gear, and how he has restored it to working condition!

We also want to shout out to Gene Greenwood, who never sleeps either – and our new best friend Mandy who took the AMAZING Cupla photos, and who will be shooting Matt Stanley and the Decoys early next month.

Stay cool out there, and stay tuned in here!

Welcome to Danny Echo!

August 3rd, 2010

Picture 9
We’re really happy to announce that we’re now working with Danny Echo!

“Danny Echo, a name already recognized around BC, a part of last
year’s Peak Performance Project, Danny, Mark and Ian are now at work
on their 3rd album. Watch this fall for a single release along with
their new video, live shows and TV appearances, and catch them Aug 7th
at the Railway and August 28th at the 2010 International Pop Overthrow
Festival. Already BC favorites, Danny Echo is ready for the jump into
the National and International scene.”

New Release! Sheldon Witt’s “The Sunshine EP”

July 27th, 2010

Picture 9


It’s here at last!

Rave On is very excited to announce the official release of Sheldon Witt’s premier CD,

“The Sunshine EP”

With four heartfelt songs in hand, Sheldon Witt is off and running. With mere months in the public eye, Sheldon’s big heart and big voice have taken him farther, faster.

“He has a natural talent and a genuine way about him. Sheldon Witt has a rare charm that immediately initiates an intimate connection with any audience. His story telling nature is reminiscent of a young John Prine; and that mixed with his modern sound a’la The Swell Season equals one thing = a quickly rising star.”

His EP features some of Rave On’s Favorite players including: Troye Kinnett – (John Mellencamp) – Ian Cameron – (The Tiller’s Folly, Rick Tippe) – Vic Levak – (Balligomingo) and Chris Doskoch – (Melissa Endean, Scott Jackson, Kelly Pettit).

The EP is available on iTunes and hard copy will be released July 31st at Alive Inside on Vancouver Island, where Sheldon will be sharing the stage with Leeland and Friday’s Cry among others. Grab your copy now and help support this amazing artist!

Hey friends in Ontario! – Less Meat, More Music! Song write your way into a pair of Paul McCartney tickets!

July 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone – we’ve just hooked up with the Vigour Projects back east to help connect music and health! Although this contest is for Ontario residents only – we hope to have a similar something in every province by next summer! Hit me up if you want to participate in this great adventure!Picture 15

Songwriters sharpen your pencils and give us your ‘heart-healthy’ message in a song. One early-bird winner will receive a pair of tickets to see Sir Paul live in Toronto this August!

The final Prize Pack includes studio time courtesy of Number 9 Audio Group, a profile review and a live Internet TV appearance, with Lynk Promotions on, and the chosen song will also serve as the new MM4M (Meatless Music 4 Mondays) theme song.

The winning songwriter will be invited to perform the winning song at Vigour Projects’ upcoming fundraising concert, VigourFest, at Trane Studio in Toronto on Sept 3, 2010.

It’s a nifty bunch of prizes courtesy of the ‘Vigour Projects’, the brainchild of Toronto Cardiologist and musician, Dr. David Alter. Alter brings a team of musicians, and like-minded medical professionals together as a way of promoting charitable healthy heart programs using music as it’s vehicle of delivery. Their first project, ‘Meatless Music 4 Mondays’, is a health promotion campaign that will support and benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

‘We hope to branch out into other provinces by summer 2011, and have already connected with Rave On Studio in British Columbia’, says Project Manager Sarah Adamson.

For now the contest is open to residents of Ontario, and the only rule is that you must be creative, (and no the song does not need to be ‘radio ready’). Enter by the early-bird deadline of August 5th, 2010 for a chance to win two tickets to see Paul McCartney! Entry fee is 5$ per song, with net proceeds donated to The Heart And Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

‘We wanted to connect this initiative with Sir Paul McCartney’s internationally successful ‘Meat Free Monday’ campaign (, so we’ve had to bump up the deadline in order to include the concert as an early-bird prize!’ Adamson states.

For more details and to enter, visit:

or contact  Sarah Adamson at

July news

July 13th, 2010


Hidy-ho, hope you’re all enjoying our sudden summer!

We have some great things happening this month with more great news on the way, first please jump on over to NxEW to check out some of the Can Con Acid House Interviews. I’ve had some great chats with Shari Ulrich, Connor McGuire and Paul Laine recently, and these folks have some great things to say and some good solid advice for making it work inside the industry today. And as mentioned I’ll be posting the non Canadian Acid House Interviews up on our own blog for now until they find a home – coming up I have a great chat with Derek Sivers.

If you’re in the lower mainland on July 31st, do come out to the Cellar Jazz to see the Jazz women of Rave On: Olga Osipova and Michelle Anne Richard – it’s going to be an amazing night!

Sheldon will be performing at Alive Inside on Vancouver Island On July 31st as well – so if you’re in that neck of the woods check  it out!

We also have Matt Stanley and the Decoys going into the studio this weekend with Nels B, and then in a few weeks we have Cupla going in to do some damage as well!

I’ve also begun the Christmas album in earnest, and holy moley what a year this will be – stay tuned for artist updates and concert information!

And especially for Balligomingo fans, we’re cooking up some cool stuff for you – keep your ears open!

Please check out the individual artist’s sites until I can come up with some sort of calendar here, and get out and support their live shows ~ they really want to play for you!

Stay cool babies. We’re going kayaking….

32 doesn’t go into 24

June 27th, 2010

Picture 14

…..Not even close –  and that’s how many hours I feel we are trying to fit into the day. Between the two of us we are playing, rehearsing, visiting old friends, learning new material, up-keeping gear, recording, mixing, doing pr, working with our artists on lots of cool things and welcoming new ravers into the fold. Sprinkle in some meetings, family time and oh yeah, eating and sleeping and we’re about ready for some R&R – (Coming up in a few weeks! Rah!).

But first, summer updates! I wanted to give each one of these their own special heading, but time does not permit – so know that each one of these bits of news should be heralded in your mind by trumpets sounding and children dancing ~

Welcome at last to Cupla! After a long wait and missed meetings we finally welcome this band into the Rave On family. The first time I heard them, I knew they had something different – I can’t wait to work with this band, they’re so keen, and creative – good things to come people, bet on it!

Balligomingo is rolling right along and “Spinning” from the album UAES has just hit #1 on the smooth jazz charts – Well done gang! If you don’t have the album yet – get on it and spread the word! We’re hard at work on the remix sampler as well – which is going to be out-of-this-world-dance-your-head-off-crazy! Wait for it!

Also please check the Raver’s schedules on their individual pages, and get out to see them live, tomorrow you can catch both Ranj and the band and Gillian Hobbs out at the Riley Park Festival. Next week is big too, we have lots of people playing out for Canada Day, and Matt Stanley and the Decoys will be in town too – THAT is a rare treat, get out and see them where you can!

We’re also working hard on Bobby Richard’s album “Bobby Richard’s Avenue”, Sheldon Witt’s “The Sunshine EP”, singles for Jody Quine, Christmas songs and some really cool stuff coming up….please stay tuned, and if you run into us, please prop us back up…..

Special thanks goes out to Josh Anderton who has been hard at work on the Raver’s MySpace pages, and a very special thanks to , who have picked up the Acid House Interveiws – cheers guys!

She’s done it again!

June 15th, 2010

Picture 4

Gillian was asked to be in the Lillith Fair edition of the Province Playlist! Thanks Barry!

The media loves our girl!

Congratulations to past Ravers

June 13th, 2010

Picture 3

Melissa Endean and Leah Mertz, known together as ‘Meliah’ will be opening for Immi in Vancouver,  at her sold out show this Tuesday June 15th. Nice one!

June Update

June 7th, 2010

Picture 1

Well, in honour of our Sheldon Witt off to the Songwriter’s camp this week, I took a stroll down memory lane thanks to YouTube and have been watching and listening to a few of my favorite songwriters, John Prine and the late Steve Goodman. If you don’t know who they are, please look them up! City of New Orleans was one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar.

Ravers have lots of shows coming up, please check out their myspace pages and websites for dates, and get out to support them and their amazing music!

We also have the Vancouver Subaru Triathlon coming up in a month on July 4th, and I’m still on the look out for a few more acoustic acts. If you or someone you know is keen drop us a line!

We’ve been busy with booking the Roadshow, mixing the Bobby Richards project, “Bobby Richards Avenue”, which will be released this July (he’s another one of our favorite songwriters!), we’ve started on the Christmas album, recorded the narrative for Donkey (at last!) and are planning out the rest of the year.

We’re nearly finished Sheldon Witt’s debut  EP,  a few songs for Jody Quine, and Matt Stanley and the Decoys are going to Vogville and recording a few songs live with Nels B for their EP, AND we have a few more artists who we are getting greedy for! So the fall and winter are shaping up to be busy times again! Thank goodness we are having the flu now, rather than later…(insert positive thinking here).

I’ve also just sent in the next batch of interviews to Brian at, and still have more to write up. Dave Chisolm gave me enough for 12 pages of notes, which will need to be honed down – but what a chat we had! From grizzly bears to the heroin trade, that interview will keep you in your seat! But coming up in June/July we have; Padma, Paul Laine, Troye Kinnett and Connor McGuire. I’ll post up the insert dates once I have them confirmed.

More soon – happy start of summer campers!

Jason on Letterman Wed 26th

May 24th, 2010

Picture 1

Our favorite guy and one of our Rave On guitar players Jason Wilber

will be on Letterman  performing with John Prine and Jim James from

My Morning Jacket Wednesday night.

Check them out Canada – and have fun you guys – what a blast!

Song Writer’s Association Of Canada

May 21st, 2010

Picture 4You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to a call from Vincent Degiorgio!

Congratulations to Rave On’s Sheldon Witt who was invited to participate in the

Songworks IV camp next month.

This lad is off to a good start!

A few quick updates!

May 13th, 2010

Picture 4

Hey everyone just a few quick things to let you know about!

Tonight at 7pm (May 13th) on King5 TV, there will be some news about Alex’s movie Streets Of Plenty, he says it will be on their website by 8pm, for those of us without TV! Please check it out and give some support to a cool local film and filmmaker!

Also this Saturday is the National Royal LaPage Shop for Shelter Garage Sale at 3333 Main street in Vancouver (check the website for locations in your town!). Head on down to score some deals for a great cause, and watch our own Sheldon Witt and Gillian Hobbs (and all the other great artists!) play their hearts out for you!

Acid House Interviews

May 9th, 2010

Picture 3

Hey! I thought I would let you know who’s up and coming in the Acid House Interviews at!

Off to the press and coming up are:

May 12th  - Radio promoter Lenny Bronstein, who will blow your mind with the list of artists he has helped ‘break’ on radio (think = everybody!)

May  19th – Orlando Mixing Engineer Brody Murakami, who talks briefly about the Internet and changes at his end of the biz.

May 26th – Trumpet cat Terry Townson on some of the hot cats he’s played with (can you say Ray Charles!), what he does now and his very cool philosophy and work ethic.

June 2nd – Our own Tony Marriott on his new business and some stuff about the recording industry today.

June 9th – Jim Vallance. Need I say more? Ok I will, we’re talking about collaborative song writing and some other stuff.

June 16th – Rave On’s own Skulastic, the hot new MC from Nanaimo BC. We talk a bit about the genre and her work in it.

That’s a bit of a taste – the next batch will be just as amazing – wow, how lucky am I anyway?

Oh, and why Gilda? Just because I miss her.

May the 4th be with you!

May 4th, 2010

Picture 2

I have ALWAYS wanted to say that!

Lots of news – first a HUGE thank you to all our gang who played at the 2nd annual David Suzuki EarthRun! Check out the pictures and music here I hope you can see the puddles on the drums – now THAT is dedication!

Next please check out this week’s Province Playlist here with this week’s Ravers Jody Quine and Sheldon Witt!

Also, please check out the new radio group (West Coast Music Network) – we have just sent in loads of music! Watch for great things from these guys, and listen to lots of Ravers all in one place and hopefully all west coast artists! Pure joy;-)

Let’s see…oh yes! Make sure to check up on Raised On Indie weekly, Brian is starting up a new column ‘The Music Industry Insider’, which will come out on Tuesdays, and watch for the next installment of the Acid House Interviews every Wed.

Aside from those juicy updates – we are very busy with sessions and meetings and setting up shows and working on the Christmas album and hopefully the garden!

And on a sadly/happy note, we’re thinking of you John Jorgenson away on tour in Europe, with your vintage amps floating around in your basement in Nashville – thankfully family and pets safe and ok!

More April updates!

April 22nd, 2010

Acid House banner
You know it’s a busy month when….we have 3 updates!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came out to see John Jorgenson - he had a BLAST! Thank you Vancouver! He’ll be back and next year we’re thinking maybe a larger venue, with a few more friends on the bill..I’m thinking someone with a banjo maybe? BF are you reading this? And maybe a night in Victoria would be fun. Thinking caps on – check.

Next a reminder to come out for EarthRun at Jericho Beach on Sunday (9am near the sailing club, you can’t miss us!)- come for the run, stay for the music and support David Suzuki’s great initiatives. It’s suppose to be a stunner of a day!

Ok last but not least, the first of the Acid House Interviews is up, please check it out, it’s an interview with a really great musician – Jason Wilber, and he has some interesting things to say! Next week, my pal Thomas Wong – stay tuned!

April Updates

April 18th, 2010

Picture 2

We have lots going on this month! Spring is here and we have branched out ourselves, and have added a new Tour/Show Booking Division here at Rave On. Glad we had time to set this up, and even happier that we had Jennier Rai interested in taking on this project! For more info, hang a left over there on the new page!

John Jorgenson is in town with his quintet tomorrow for the Gypsy Jazz Fest – ‘April in Paris’ at the St James Hall, still tickets around, please go it you can, it’s going to be an amazing night of music!

Next Sunday the 25th is David Suzuki’s EarthRun at Jericho Beach – we have a great musical line up with Ranj Singh and the Discriminators, Gillian Hobbs, Matt Stanley and the Decoys, Sheldon Witt and special guests The DeadWax Collective! Come out and run for the earth and hang with the big D himself, and catch up on some great music – bonus!

We’re also happy to sneak in the news that we’re recording a few songs with Sheldon Witt. What an amazing and talented young artist and a really great guy. Bryan Anderson (and the Keys) introduced us – thank you Bryan!!

Also, sometime next week, we’ll be posting up over at Raised On Indie, the first of the Acid House Interviews ~ whereby I interview some friends, colleagues and artists about music and other stuff. Well, not really any other stuff, just music stuff actually….I’ll let you know when it’s up, we have some brilliant stuff from some really terrific folks! Part two is in the planning stages already, and it will be in video format – fun times!

Balligomingo news coming soon as well as show listings for the gang – stay tuned!

Balligomingo’s ‘Under An Endless Sky’ available April 6th

April 5th, 2010

Under An Endless Sky ~ Balligomingo

At long last – the album will be available digitally (iTunes and everywhere) and hard copies by Amazon On Demand ~ grab yours at midnight and let us hear your thoughts!

Also, for Balli fans, only 24 hours left until the end of the contest, check our Official Balligomingo FaceBook page for details!

MRDC’s ‘Radio’, featuring Skulastic is available April 1st!

March 31st, 2010

radio2aThe noise kitchen has just cooked up a gourmet feast with the release
of the new EP “Radio”

A mix of MRDC’s radio mixes with 3 fresh tracks featuring the young
new MC Skulastic, will leave you feeling like you’ve just had an
intense hot yoga session.

Ultimately relaxed and refreshed, come and be well fed.

Buy it here!

John Jorgenson

March 26th, 2010

Picture 1So excited John is coming up for the little Vancouver Django Fest! Funny how things happen; it was just a month ago we were talking about the Olympics and Chris’s birthday mandolin and now he’ll be here in a few short weeks. Hope you can all get out to see him – if you are a guitar player – don’t miss this opportunity! And if you don’t know who he is, look him up!

Buy tickets here!

Subaru Vancouver Triathlon

March 23rd, 2010

Picture 15
We found out today that we’ll be proving the entertainment for the Subaru Vancouver Triathlon! Come out and run, or come out and watch, either way it’s going to be good times! Line up TBA – stay tuned!

Rave On’s Busy Day

March 16th, 2010

Picture 10
Great day for Ravers – we’ve taken over the Province Playlist! Congratulations everyone!
Get your free downloads here
And read the new Balligomingo article here
And listen to Jody’s interview today (March 16th 5pm PST) here
And watch for the stream of Gillian Hobbs performance on the morning news this morning -
Whew – It’s been a busy day at Rave On!

News and updates.

March 14th, 2010

On Tuesday March 16th, Rave On will be taking over the Canwest/Hevy D Province Playlist! Be sure to check it out and grab a free track from each artist! It will be available on-line as well as in the newsprint edition.

Balligomingo will be headlining as their new album UAES is set for release April 6th; MRDC will also be there with his ‘Joy and Pain’ featuring Skulastic, from his new album ‘Radio’, set for release April 1st, and we’ll also have music from: Blind God, Michelle Richard, Olga Osipova, Gillian Hobbs, Richard King, Opus Zero, Matt Stanley and Piper McKinnon! What a line up!

Also, if you’re up and about, Gillian Hobbs will be a guest on Global Morning Tuesday (March 16th) and she’ll be singing my favorite of her tunes: ‘Wall Against The Water’, and having a quick interview before she flies out the door to get to her first Paralympic gig up at Nat Bailey!

Exciting times for Ms. Hobbs!

The Paralympics are here and so are Rave On Artists!

March 11th, 2010

Picture 8

I hope everyone will continue to show their enthusiasm and support for the Paraplympic games!

We have Rang Singh and the Discriminators out playing at UBC for the Sledge Hockey -

Sunday March 14th at UBC Thunderbird Arena at 3:30pm and again at 6:45pm

And the lovely Gillian Hobbs out at Nat Bailey for the curling on:

Tuesday March 16th at 10:45am and again at 3:30pm

Wed March 17th  at 10:45am and again at 3:30pm

Thursday March 18th at 10:45am

Come out and support our teams and our artists!

EarthRun Vancouver – 2010

March 10th, 2010

Picture 3

Hey! Why not get a team together and come out for a great run and some great music with David Suzuki for a great cause!? We’re just working on the artist line-up – it’s going to be a great morning!

Streets Of Plenty

March 6th, 2010

Picture 4

Any of you who know me well, know my background in Criminology and my previous work with the Ministry Of Children and Families. For those of you who don’t know that side of me – I am passionate about prevention! So when I heard that Alex Kleider and his brother had made this film, I was really excited to help them promote it. Please watch  ‘Streets of Plenty’ – a little ditty about our own backyard. I would love to hear your feedback.

Skulastic – Upcoming Shows

March 6th, 2010


Hey everyone, Skully has some shows coming up on the island, so if you are heading over be sure to check them out!

Rave On welcomes new artist Matt Stanley!

February 27th, 2010

Picture 1Watch for our amazing new artist and his band ~ Matt Stanley and the Decoys ~ We’re really excited to welcome him into the Rave On family. Matt is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Kamloops, BC. Watch for him and the band around the lower mainland this year as he participates in EarthRun and other shows.

Please check him out at and be his friend on FB, MySpace and twitter or drop him a line and just say hi. We’ve got great things coming from Matt!

Balligomingo Interview on FMA

February 26th, 2010

Picture 3

FMA Entertainment Weekly Season 1 – Episode 8 broadcast on Saturday February 27th at 10:30 PM on  KVOS CH 30

Rebroadcasting Tuesday at 7:30 AM


Hosted by Erin Ireland and Meena Mann

FMA Entertainment Weekly Season 1 – Episode 8 features:

Chip and Pepper – Canadian fashion desginers and identical twins Chip and Pepper know what it takes to to design premium jeans and host thier own NBC series Chip and Pepper’s Cartoon Madness.

Chris Chavez – One on one with yoga guru and accomplished musician Chris Chavez.

Kwame “The Snow Leopard” Nkrumah-Acheampong - We are at the Mount Washington Alpine Resort talking to “The Snow Leopard“, the first person from Ghana to take part in the Winter Olympics.

Balligomingo - If sound had a travel and tourism department, Balligomingo would be at the helm, the trio has created a destination for music with their long-awaited second album Under an Endless Sky.

“Minute A La Mode” with Jolie Chan


Olympic music news and a request from Tom at the Province!

February 17th, 2010

With the Olympics comes music

Plenty of entertainment to choose from between sporting events


There are a staggering number of gigs tied into the Olympics, judging by all the email The Garage has received. But, to a hockey fan, Ranj Singh and the Discriminators might have the plum. They’ll be playing 45-minute sets Feb. 19, 20 and 21 before the hockey games at Canada Hockey Place. The performances are at 3:30 and 8 p.m. They’ve also got two gigs at the Edgewater Celebration Stage (Plaza of Nations) Feb. 26 and more during the Made in Vancouver Festival.


Are you performing during the Olympics? After your gig, send us a note and tell us how it went! Send a note telling us where and when you performed, and what you’ll remember most, to Garage writer Tom Harrison at

Olympic Weeks

February 11th, 2010

Jeevan and Darren
Well, the Olympics begin here tomorrow. We have 12 artists rehearsing like mad, having merch made, cds manufactured and all the while remaining flexible and fantastic through some last minute changes (Irish House noise complaints ahem…). Here is a great photo Ranj Singh (& The Discriminators) just sent over of his daughter Jeevan with Darren Dutchyshen of TSN and the Olympic torch. I hope you can all get out and enjoy some events, be it music or sport. Here is a great page listing free music around town: Free Olympic Shows

Rave On Exclusive

February 7th, 2010

Picture 4
Are you a club, lounge or DJ? Do you want some wickedly good Ambient Grooves for your place of business (we won’t even ask what it is) – drop us a line and we’ll send you out a USB stick loaded with music from 3 of our hottest Ambient Groove bands, our treat. Let’s get this party started!

New Single out by MRDC featuring Skulastic!

February 3rd, 2010

Rave On is excited to announce the collaboration of two of their amazing artists MRDC and Skulastic,

on three of the 6 songs for the upcoming EP ‘Radio’ by MRDC, due out April 2010.

Working with Skulastic is a producer’s dream, and after the first recording session

I knew we were onto something new and fresh and that was really exciting!”

says Producer and artist MRDC.

Watch for the single ‘Joy And Pain’, released today on the world wide web.

Rave On Artists Olympic/Winter Feb 2010 Schedules

January 31st, 2010

Hope you can get out to see these amazing artists live!

Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Monday Feb 15th, 9pm

Scott Jackson
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Tuesday, Feb 16th 2:45pm &
Monday, Feb 22nd 4pm

Hilary Grist
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Tuesday Feb 16th 3:20pm

Gillian Hobbs
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Feb 18 2:30pm & Feb 23 6:45pm

Michelle Richard
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Monday Feb 22nd 4:40pm

Olga Osipova
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Monday Feb 22nd 5:40pm

Piper McKinnon
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Tuesday Feb 23rd 2:30pm

Blind God
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Tuesday Feb 23rd 8:20pm

Edgewater Celebration Village Stage
Wed Feb 24th 9:40pm

Ranj Singh & The Discriminators
Sunday, February 14th, 2010 at 3:45 pm
at UBC Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver.

Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 3:30 pm
GM Place, Vancouver

Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 8:00 pm
GM Plac), Vancouver

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 3:30 pm
GM Plac), Vancouver

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at 8:00 pm
GM Place, Vancouver

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at 3:30 pm
GM Place, Vancouver

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at 8:00 pm
GM Plac), Vancouver

Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 2:30pm & 4:00 pm
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage (Plaza Of Nations)
750 Pacific Avenue, Vancouver

Lindsay May
Thursday February 18th, 2010 – 12pm
Experience BC Pavillion
Robson St, Vancouver BC

Sunday Feb 14th – 11pm
Edgewater Celebration Village Stage

Aaron Tyler Grant – Unplugged
Saturday Feb 13th – 6pm/ Thursday Feb 18th – 3pm/ Thursday Feb 25th – 3pm
Blenz – Yaletown

Hot Session Cats

January 26th, 2010


I feel I have neglected some important people around here on this site and so want to make sure I get the word out! We work with some AMAZING, uber-talented and versatile musicians (and artists in their their own right!) here at Rave On, the best in the biz, and I will put their links up on the link page – please check out their work and say hi!

Once I get the hang of this site I’ll make them their own page!

Artists For Haitian Relief

January 19th, 2010

Hi everyone – many of our artists have donated a track to Paste Magazine’s Haiti Campaign, please click on the link to give and get!

The Province – Haiti – Music Downloads

January 16th, 2010

Just quick reminder that loads of our artists are in the Province Newspaper’s free download section, and Josh says he’s working on something tonight so you can donate to the efforts in Haiti – please check it out every week at:

New Artists

January 16th, 2010

Well, we’re pretty excited that 2010 is starting in this amazing way at Rave On! We have loads of great artists joining us for all kinds of adventure…please check them out – you won’t be sorry, there is brilliant talent around here! How fortunate are we anyway?

Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute updates:

Derek Sivers Music Marketing Blog Project

January 10th, 2010

Picture 11
Derek Sivers sent me this book, well, me and 16 other people. We’re to read this book on marketing, and blog about it, from a working musician’s viewpoint. So for the next little bit on the blog, I’ll be focusing on translating this book for you, the (hard) working musician, into terms and scenarios that work for us in the music world today.

So check out the blog this week – I hope to have the book finished and blog up asap – happy to hear your thoughts!

Rave On Shop

January 8th, 2010

Until I can make a page for this shop, here it is. Happy to hear about any design ideas!

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Olympic update

January 4th, 2010

Just booked 4 more Olympic shows, I will make up a calendar next week so you can get out to see some of our amazing artists live!
Would also like to welcome Gillian Hobbs to Rave On – Gillian was on our Christmas album last year and was much loved at the REALLY Big Christmas show!
I’ve also put up links for Piper, Scotty, Aaron Grant and BCB and will be adding more artists as I find the time!
So much I want to add to the site, but so little time – Josh will lend a hand this week as well – so hopefully we can get some more useful information out to you!
Happy New Year everyone – we’re off to a roaring start!

EarthRun April 25th 2010

December 31st, 2009

Picture 14

We’re really excited about providing the artists for EarthRun again! It’s going to be at Jericho this year and watch for even more artists and an even greater musical presence! It’s going to be a great experience, get out and get fit – and come and run with David Suzuki!

“EarthRun’s core values centre on bringing people together to create awareness and support for local environmental initiatives that help:

build green communities

protect wilderness environments

protect wildlife

promote sustainable lifestyles”

Olympic News

December 22nd, 2009

Congratulations to our boys Ranj Singh and the Discriminators who have been chosen to perform 7 shows during the Olympics. Come on out and support them at these venues:

Sunday Feb 14th  Finland vs Russia  (womans at UBC)

Friday Feb 19th    Czech Republic vs Latvia and Finland vs Germany (mens at GM place)

Sat Feb 20    Latvia vs Slovakia and Germany vs Belarus (mens at GM)

Sun Feb 21st  Canada vs USA and Sweden vs Finland (mens at GM)

These are preliminary games, and the schedule can be found at

Thank you Vancouver!

December 21st, 2009

A huge thank you to all of our artists and to everyone who came out to the Christmas Show to make it such a success. I especially want to thank people who just randomly wrote cheques to the SPCA, you guys are amazing and so generous!

Thank you Vancouverites for supporting local talent, and the SPCA!

Picture 20

December 17th Press!

December 11th, 2009

Hey all, just a note that Lisa Wartur from our PR company and Shari Ulrich will be on Global TV early in the a.m talking and singing – please tune in! (And let us know how it goes, we don’t have TV in these here parts!)

The Vancouver Sun will also be running a feature on the project on the same date, so please check that out as well!

This year it’s all snowballing, the cd and the show, I’m so excited and I hope you’ll make it out to St James Hall on Dec 20th and or buy a cd – they’re all up on iTunes now.

The REALLY Big Christmas Show!

December 6th, 2009


Hoping everyone will be able to make it out to the REALLY Big Christmas Show on Dec 20th at ST James Hall! All ages – all fun, 15 artists from Christmas past, present and future albums! Call me for tickets or grab them at the door – 10$ gets you a CD and a night of amazing music!

First week of Dec/09

December 3rd, 2009

Hey everyone, we had a bit of an interview in the Burnaby Now today about the Christmas CD – good stuff – thanks Paul!

Also just a reminder until I can figure out how to get the little bird thingy up – please follow us on Twitter for up to the minute  news!

More soon and stay warm out there!

New site is up and running!

November 28th, 2009

Hi Everyone! Well here I am working on our new website! Thanks to Josh at Volta for the set-up! Please bear with us as we make the change-over and begin to update our pages. We have so much to tell you!