End of the Year is Here!

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Well! I didn’t realize it has been so long since I had updated!

As always we keep our lives pretty full to the brim, so with school and gigs there is not too much time to update. I hope you will follow us on all our social media though, where we are often more active!

I guess the biggest news this fall is the book that just came out! We’re pretty happy about it and it is getting some great reviews! Please check it out, drop me a note for a hard copy or grab an e-version anywhere! We’re working away on the audio edition and oh-my-gosh it’s going to be buckets of fun!! The next book is already in the works and I should have new games up this month as well.

Learning lots at school, and in my spare time will start doing a bit of web work, so if you are looking for a site hit me up!  I just learned mobile too, so can make you matching sites very quickly. I’ll be updating this site too, where just trying to decide what it will look like.

Some quick updates: Alex Highton has just released his latest CD ‘Nobody Knows Anything’ and wow! It’s a Christmas must have for sure. Check out the reviews!!! I love it and it’s on repeat at our place. He’s also currently giving away his first cd – FREE! So if you don’t already own it, grab one of my very favourite all time disks.

We haven’t had a chance to work on a holiday album this year, but sales are still strong for our first 5(!?) Very Vancouver Christmas cds LOADED with amazing music, please check them out here or on iTunes/Amazon, anywhere great music is sold! I also have some disks stored if you would like them for retail or fairs etc. Just drop me a line! Don’t forget 100% of income goes directly to the SPCA!

Also, a quickie update – this year’s youth at the MEMa Tech-Kno Camp have produced an amazing documentary about PTSD in southside Chicago and how it effects their community. The music is fantastic and I hope you will all catch it when it’s out on YouTube very soon (I’ll post when it’s ready). Keep up with the news and check out some photos from this fall’s camp here! 

Lastly, although we miss Buster painfully, our new pup Django is the light of our days. Please if you’re thinking of a pup – ‘Rescue’ is the very best breed, handsdown.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and drop us a line, or head up to the cabin and say hey – we’d love to see you!



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