Happy Holidays!


Well as this year comes to a close I have to say, it’s been a tough one, with some happy and some sad stuff here near the end.

We’ll be saying goodbye to old Busterdog in the coming days and kitty not long after I think. The decades they have been with us have been amazing and will always be known to many as the Busterdog years. It’s hard to say goodbye to friends like this, but I know we are not alone in this, as many of our ‘people’ friends have had to do the same this year as well.


I am just getting ready to write a cheque to the SPCA for the donation this year on behalf of the Very Vancouver Christmas albums, and also want to say thank you to those of you who donated on our behalf to the SPCA and to Make Music Vancouver. Look for news about a special Volume 6 of Very Vancouver Christmas next year, and let me know if you would like to contribute a song. I have two spots saved for some special friends, but we have lots of room!

Although we did not did not work on a lot of projects this year, we did do a bit for the ongoing film projects with Peace Is The Way Films and the Thich Nhat Hanh films, and we had a second to do a little ditty for our yoga instructor Melissa West. Though we didn’t formally make much new music, as always our days are always filled with it.

School has been really rewarding this year and at times I am really overwhelmed that I’m doing, what I’m doing at Harvard. I admire my professors daily, and I know that what I am learning and witnessing in lecture is a once in a lifetime experience. We are making change and I know that I am learning from the very best.

We don’t have any big plans for next year; a few albums here and there, continuing on with the films and school, and I know we’ll be spending lots of time on the mat, and missing our pet friends.

We hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday season, drop by and say hi when you have a chance!





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