Happy New Year!

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Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season!

We jump started 2015 with some fantastic new projects! It was only a few weeks ago we had a wide open schedule and now things are pouring in, we love it!

I’ll post more soon, but I wanted to tell you about the first cool thing, the upcoming youth songwriting contest that I am part of.

I know some of you will ask why I’m doing this, when it is no secret that I do not believe in judging people’s art, but I believe the way we are going about this is different than any thing I have ever seen. In this contest our main goals are to give youth a lift up, in the industry, but especially in their self esteem. Although we will have formal ‘winners’ and prizes, I really feel like there will be no losers here, and I hope to make everybody who enters the contest feel like a winner!

If you are or know of a BC young person between the ages of 13-18, have them check it out!

The Star Experience

I love to read and hear what young people have to offer, so this is really exciting!


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