Rave On Recommends

We decided today that we wanted to have a place where we could share with you some of the outstanding companies that we have had dealings with. They deserve the attention, and you deserve the great service. Have any questions or comments – let us know!

Rave On Recommends: Contractors/Plumbers

Well moving was a small nightmare, and we have been going through everything you could imagine – so we REALLY want to spotlight the gang at:


to use my favourite word, they were Awesomesauce – call them if you need them!!! Irish to boot – go team!

Rave On Recommends: CAR STUFF

Unless you have backline or perform accapella and acoustic, a musician has gear that needs transportation – we have found some amazing places that will take care of your car’s needs.

GlassDoctor – auto/home/business

We have had a few exceptional experience with companies over the past few years, but we were SO happy with the service we received here today, sharing it with you was the incentive for building this page.

These folks are: cost efficient, very quick turn around, uber friendly staff, door to door drop and delivery & surprise gifts. Overall a  well rounded company, that encourages chartable giving and word of mouth referrals. I just knew they would be great when I read their business card: “We fix your panes!” Come on now, that’s right up our alley!


Jim Pattison Hyundai, North Shore

So we bought a new car! And let me tell you it’s almost as tough as buying a new house. Who to believe? Where to look? With a lack of reliable recommendations we felt pretty stuck. So we do what we normally do in these situations, we try to learn as much as we can about what the heck we’re doing. This meant many trips to the library to search through all the LemonAid books and lots of refining the list of what we needed from a vehicle (big enough for gear and something with AC).

In the end we went to one of Jimmy’s places, (well I think he has the market cornered!) – at the North Shore Auto-Mall and dealt with a great person named Nick Spencer. We highly recommend Nick and Hyundai. It is a great little car, has everything we need and was the right price.

Ask us anything, at least you’ll have a starting point.